NCERT Class 9 Maths Coordinate Geometry

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NCERT Book for Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry

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Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry NCERT Book Class 9


3.1 Introduction You have already studied how to locate a point on a number line. You also know how to describe the position of a point on the line. There are many other situations, in which to find a point we are required to describe its position with reference to more than one line. For example, consider the following situations: I. In Fig. 3.1, there is a main road running in the East-West direction and streets with numbering from West to East. Also, on each street, house numbers are marked. To look for a friend’s house here, is it enough to know only one reference point? For instance, if we only know that she lives on Street 2, will we be able to find her house easily? Not as easily as when we know two pieces of information about it, namely, the number of the street on which it is situated, and the house number. If we want to reach the house which is situated in the 2nd street and has the number 5, first of all we would identify the 2nd street and then the house numbered 5 on it. In Fig. 3.1, H shows the location of the house. Similarly, P shows the location of the house corresponding to Street number 7 and House number 4.

NCERT Class 9 Maths Coordinate Geometry

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