NCERT Class 6 EVS Social interdependence

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Social Interdependence Class 6 Environmental Studies NCERT

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Social Interdependence NCERT Class 6


9. Social interdependence Objective


People in our immediate neighbourhood and society/community earn their livelihood by doing different kinds of work. Some are involved in agriculture related activities, others have jobs that provide services and some others are in non-agricultural production activities. Every activity that humans perform influences others directly or indirectly.


1. List five things of everyday use (food, clothing, stationery, toys, etc.).

2. From where do you get these items?

3. Make a list of the people involved in providing these things to you in the form of a flow chart (producer, distributor, marketer, service provider). For example, to prepare food you may need cereals, pulses, vegetables, spices, water, fuel, stove and utensils. Each one of these items requires people to produce, process, package,  transport, store and sell before you can use them. At each step a number of people are engaged in doing different types of work.


Prepare a report based on your study showing social interdependence.


Prepare a chart on different jobs and occupations.

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