NCERT Class 6 EVS Getting to know trees

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Getting To Know Trees Class 6 Environmental Studies NCERT

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Getting To Know Trees NCERT Class 6


3. Getting to know trees Objectives


There are many trees in our surroundings. But often we are unable to name them and we are also not aware of their usefulness.


1. Identify how many different types of trees are there in your school/colony. Make a list of all those trees.

2. Take the help of your elders/teachers to find out their names and their usefulness.

3. Usefulness of trees may include their medicinal/food value, timber, firewood, shelter for birds and other animals.


Prepare a chart with drawings/photographs about these trees and display it in your class or school notice board. Project Book in Environmental Education


1. Prepare a small skit on the theme “Don’t Cut Me”.

2. Find out about the social, religious and cultural significance of trees to us.

3. Prepare a list of trees in your locality where birds come very frequently. Try to find out why they come to these trees and not to others.

4. Observe which part of the tree a particular kind of bird frequents.

5. Observe the different kinds of insects that you see on different trees.


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