NCERT Class 6 EVS Importance of terrace farming

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Importance Of Terrace Farming Class 6 Environmental Studies NCERT

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Importance Of Terrace Farming NCERT Class 6


13. Importance of terrace farming Objectives


A terrace farm is a levelled section of a hilly cultivated area, designed as a method of soil conservation to slow or prevent the rapid surface runoff. Often a hilly land is changed into multiple terraces, giving it a step-like appearance. This form of land used for agriculture is prevalent in many countries including India.


This project could be done only in those areas where terrace farming is practised. Visit a terrace farm and ask the farmers and workers questions such as:

1. How do they make the terraces?

2. How do they maintain the terraces?

3. What measures are adopted to check the flow of water from fields?

4. What kind of crops do they grow in their fields?

5. How many times do they cultivate these crops during a year?

6. Is their produce consumed only by their family?

7. Do they have a surplus for selling in the market?

8. What difficulties do they face in terrace farming?


Based on your study write a paragraph about terrace farming.


1. Make similar kinds of study for other forms of farming.

2. Find out the impact of terrace farming on the environment. You can get this information from newspapers, magazines, the internet, books, etc. or through interactions with your teachers and elders.

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