NCERT Class 6 EVS Reducing wastage of food

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Reducing Wastage Of Food Class 6 Environmental Studies NCERT

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Reducing Wastage Of Food NCERT Class 6


1. Reducing wastage of food Objective


It is commonly observed that food is wasted/thrown away in many households, hotels, restaurants, parties, etc. This wastage could be reduced if proper practices are followed during preparation and serving of food. It is important that each one of us tries to reduce wastage of food on every occasion.


1. Select a place of study according to your convenience. This could be your home, a party or a celebration, etc. If you decide to do this exercise at home, note your observations for at least three days.

2. Decide a convenient measure to estimate the quantity of wastage. This could be a bowl or number of pieces depending on the type of dish.

3. Enter your observations in the given table

4. To find out the reason for the wastage, talk to the people who decide the quantity of food to be prepared. Also talk to the people who prepare the food, who serve it, who eat it, and those who waste it.


Write a short report giving reasons for the wastage of food. Suggest measures to reduce the wastage.


1. Try to spread the message that food should not be wasted.

2. Try to find out what does a restaurant do with the surplus food or food that is left unconsumed in the plate or serving dishes.

3. Find out what is done with the food that is wasted in the home and food that is surplus.

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