NCERT Class 6 EVS Controlling vehicular pollution

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Controlling Vehicular Pollution Class 6 Environmental Studies NCERT

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Controlling Vehicular Pollution NCERT Class 6


6. Controlling vehicular pollution


The number of petrol/diesel driven vehicles on roads in cities as well as in rural areas is increasing every day. The gases released in the air  by the exhaust of such vehicles or automobiles contain certain gases and particulate matter that are a health hazard. Exhaust gases from automobiles are one of the worst pollutants of air. The air pollution due to vehicles can be reduced by improving the quality of engines and proper maintenance. The government has prescribed certain norms for manufacturers of automobiles. Only such engines can be fitted on automobiles which meet the prescribed norms for level of pollutants in exhaust gases. Vehicle owners are also expected to keep pollution under control. This can be done by proper maintenance of vehicles. Pollution levels are measured at pollution checking centres. If the level of pollutants is found within prescribed limits, a certificate of ‘Pollution Under Control’ is issued to the vehicle owner.


1. Visit a pollution checking booth. Find out what are the components of the exhaust they measure.

2. Try to find out roughly what percentage of vehicles fail to meet the prescribed standards.

3. Find out how each one of the polluting gases affect our health and damage the environment.


Prepare a report on your findings.


1. Prepare charts to campaign for reducing vehicular pollution. 

2. Find out how many people in your locality get the pollution check done for their vehicles. If you come across people who have not got it done, find out reasons as to why this is so.

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