NCERT Class 11 English Elective The Peacock

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The Peacock

His loud sharp call

seems to come from nowhere.

Then, a flash of turquoise

in the pipal tree

                                                The slender neck arched away from you

                                                as he descends,

                                                and as he darts away, a glimpse

                                                of the very end of his tail.

I was told

that you have to sit in the veranda

And read a book,

preferably one of your favourites

                                                   with great concentration..

                                                   The moment you begin to live

                                                   inside the book

                                                   A blue shadow will fall over you.

The wind will change direction,

The steady hum of bees

In the bushes nearby

will stop.

                                                    The cat will awaken and stretch.

                                                    Something has broken your attention;

                                                    And if you look up in time

                                                   You might see the peacock turning away as he gathers

  his tail

To shut those dark glowing eyes,

Violet fringed with golden amber.

It is the tail that has to blink

For eyes that are always open.


1. Comment on the lines that make you visualise the colourful image of the peacock.

2. What are the cues that signal the presence of the peacock in the vicinity?

3. How does the connection drawn between the tail and the eyes add to the descriptive detail of the poem?

4. How does the poem capture the elusive nature of the peacock?

5. The peacock is a colourful bird. How does the poem capture the various colours that its plumage displays?


1. In English the peacock is associated with pride. ‘As proud as a peacock’ is a commonly used simile. With what qualities is the peacock associated in the literature of your language?

2. The peacock is the national bird of India. Why do you think the peacock has been chosen?

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