CBSE Class 7 Social Science Question Paper Set P

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I. Select the correct answer and write in the blanks - 

1. Rana Sanga was the rulers of -

(a) Chittor (b) Udaipur (c) Jaisalmer

2. The first battle of Tarain was fought in -

(a) 1191 AD (b) 1192 AD (c) 1182 AD

3. ........................ founded the Khalji dynasty -

(a) Ala-ud-din (b) Jalal-ud-din (c) Ghias-ud-din

4. The Zakat was a tax which was paid by -

(a) Hindus (b) Muslims (c) All Subjects

5. The battle of Khanwaha was fought between Babur and ........................

(a) Rana Sanga (b) Ibrahim Lodi (c) The Afghans

6. Akbar-nama consists of ...................... volumes -

(a) two (b) three (c) four

7. Zend Avesta is the sacred book of .......................

(a) Muslim (b) Hindus (c) Parsis

8. During sultanate period the chief minister was known as -

(a) Amil (b) Bakshi (c) Wazir

9. The Glorious revolution took place in -

(a) 1789 (b) 1688 (c) 1678

10. In a parliamentary form of government the ................... is the real head -

(a) Prime Minister (b) President (c) Chief Minister

11. Lotus is the symbol of ........................

(a) Bhartiya Janata Party (b) Indian National Congress

(c) Bahujan Samaj Party

12. Congress party led by -

(a) Sonia Gandhi (b) Sharad Pawar (c) Mamta Banerjee

13. ......................... established satya shodhak samaj -

(a) B.R. Ambedkar (b) Jyotiba Phule (c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

14. ..................... of the constitution lays emphasis on equality before law -

(a) Article-14 (b) Article-15 (c) Article-16

15. Basalt is a .......................... rock -

(a) Plutonic (b) Volcanic (c) Primary

16. Old coarse alluval soil is known as -

(a) Bangar (b) Khadar (c) Silt

17. Black soils are found in ............................

(a) Tamil nadu (b) Rajasthan (c) Punjab

18. Major components of the atmosphere is -

(a) CO2 (b) Oxygen (c) Nitrogen

19. Monsoons are -

(a) Permanent (b) Period winds (c) Sea breeze

20. The narrow belt of living organism is called the ....................

(a) Biosphere (b) Atmosphere (c) Hydrosphere

21. The process by which water changes from liquid form to gas is called -

(a) Evaporation (b) condensation (c) Freezing

22. The pressure of the air is measured by .....................

(a) baro meter (b) wind wane (c) Thermometer

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