CBSE Class 8 English Question Paper Set S

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A.1 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

Conversation is indeed the most easily teachable of all arts. All you need todo in order to become a good conversationalist is to find a subject that interests you and your listeners. There are, for example, numberless hobbies to talk  about. But the important thing is that you must talk about the other fellow’s hobby rather than your own. Therei lies the secret of your popularity. Talk to your friends about the things that interest them and you will get a reputation for good fellowship, charming wit and brilliant mind. There is nothing that pleases people so much a your interest in their interests  It is just as important to know what subjects to avoid as what subject to select for good conversation. lf you don’t want to set down a wet blanket or bore, be careful to avoid certain unpleasant topics. Avoid talking about yourself unless you are asked to do so. People are interested in their own problems, not in yours; sickness or death bores everybody. The only one who willingly listens to such talk is the doctor; but he gets paid for it.

A.1.1 Answer the given questions by choosing the appropriate options. 

(A) The basic need of good conversation is:

(i) clarity in speech

(ii) clarity in thought

(iii) find subject that interests both speaker and listener

(iv) find subject of your own interest

(B) The most important thing in a good conversation is:

(i) to talk about your hobbies

(ii) to talk about the other fellow’s hobby

(iii) to talk about others

(iv) to talk about general interest

(C) What should be avoided in good conversation?

(i) Avoid unpleasant topics

(ii) Avoid talk about others

(iii) Avoid others’ praise

(iv) Avoid to talk about others’ interests and problems

(D) The appropriate topic for the passage is:

(i) Art of conversation (ii) Art in good conversation

(iii) Art of good conversation (iv) Art as a good conversation

(E) What pleases the listeners most?

(i) listners’ own interest (ii) speakers‘ own interest

(iii) speakers interest in them (iv) topics of general interests

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