CBSE Class 8 English Question Paper Set D

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CBSE Class 8 English Question Paper Set D.You can download the past year question papers in pdf format with solutions from the links below. The students should practice the question papers of last year which will help them to understand the pattern on the papers and will help them to practice for the exams. You can download the question papers for last 10 years free by clicking links below. Refer to the extract below and download the full pdf file of question papers below.


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

The main difference between men and the animals is the difference in their power of concentration. All success in the line of work is the result of this. Everybody knows something about concentration. We see its result everyday. High achievements in art, music, etc, are the results of concentration. Those who have trained animals find much difficulty in the fact that the animal is constantly forgetting what is told to him. He cannot concentrate his mind upon anything long at a time. Herein is the difference between man and the animals – man has the greater powern of concentration, this also constitutes the difference between man and man. Compare the lowest with the highest man. The difference is in the degree of concentration. This is the only difference.

Everybody’s mind becomes concentrated at times. We all concentrate upon those things we love and we love those things upon which we  oncentrate our minds. Which mother is there who does not love the face of the homeliest child? That face is to her the most beautiful face in the world  She loves it because she concentrates her mind on it, and if everyone could concentrate his mind on that same face, everyone would love it. It would be the most beautiful face.

We all concentrate our minds upon those things we love. When we hear beautiful music, our minds become fastened upon it and we cannot take them away. Those who concentrate their minds upon what you call classical music do not like common music, and vice-versa. Music in which the notes follow each other in rapid succession holds the mind readily. A child loves lively music because the rapidity of the notes gives the mind no chance to wander. A man who likes common music dislikes classical music, because it is more complicated and requires a great degree of concentration to follow it.

The great trouble with such concentration is that we do not control the mind ; it controls us.

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