NCERT Class 9 Science Diversity In Living Organisms Questions

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1. Find out incorrect sentence

(a) Protista includes unicellular eukaryotic organisms

(b) Whittaker considered cell structure, mode and source of nutrition for classifying the organisms in five kingdoms

(c) Both Monera and Protista may be autotrophic and heterotrophic

(d) Monerans have well defined nucleus

2. Which among the following has specialised tissue for conduction of water?

(i) Thallophyta

(ii) Bryophyta

(iii) Pteridophyta

(iv) Gymnosperms

(a) (i) and (ii)

(b) (ii) and (iii)

(c) (iii) and (iv)

(d) (i) and (iv)

3. Which among the following produce seeds?

(a) Thallophyta

(b) Bryophyta

(c) Pteridophyta

(d) Gymnosperms

4. Which one is a true fish?

(a) Jellyfish

(b) Starfish

(c) Dogfish

(d) Silverfish

5. Which among the following is exclusively marine?

(a) Porifera

(b) Echinodermata

(c) Mollusca

(d) Pisces

6. Write names of few thallophytes. Draw a labelled diagram of Spirogyra.

7. Thallophyta, bryophyta and pteridophyta are called as ‘Cryptogams’. Gymnosperms and Angiosperms are called as ‘phanerogams’. Discuss why? Draw one example of Gymnosperm.

8. Define the terms and give one example of each

(a) Bilateral symmetry

(b) Coelom

(c) Triploblastic

9. You are given leech, Nereis, Scolopendra, prawn and scorpion; and all have segmented body organisation. Will you classify them in one group? If no, give the important characters based on which you will separate these organisms into different groups.

10. Which organism is more complex and evolved among Bacteria, Mushroom and Mango tree. Give reasons.

11. Differentiate between flying lizard and bird. Draw the diagram.

12. List out some common features in cat, rat and bat.

13. Why do we keep both snake and turtle in the same class?

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