NCERT Class 9 EVS Responsible tourism

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15. Responsible tourism


Tourism is beneficial to both the tourists and the people associated with the trade. Tourists undertake travel for recreation, aesthetic satisfaction, appreciation of beauty, culture and for religious purposes. Health tourism and adventure tourism are becoming popular. Tourism brings prosperity, employment and professional progress to tourist spots. It also promotes understanding between people of different regions. But excess human activities cause damage to the environment and put pressure on civic amenities of tourist spots and places. Project Book in Environmental Educatio.


1. Choose a tourist place preferably close to your locality.

2. Find out when and why it is visited by tourists.

3. How do local people benefit from the tourist activity? 

4. Find out the adverse effects on the local people and the environment.

5. Collect the above information through personal observation, interview of local people and other sources such as newspapers, magazines and the media.


Write a report of the activities you carried out and present it in your class.


1. The report may be sent to the tourism department, environment ministry and local Panchayat with a request to take preventive measures.

2. Students can be asked to write poems, articles or paint on the theme “Man versus Nature”.

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