NCERT Class 9 EVS Our household service providers

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NCERT Book for Class 9 Environmental Studies Our Household Service Providers

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Our Household Service Providers NCERT Book Class 9

5. Our household service providers


All of us know about the various basic service providers and helping hands without whom our lives would be very difficult. The mechanic who fixes electrical appliances, water lines; the mason who constructs houses for living; the vendors who bring things of requirement are some of the very important household service providers. There are also others like doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, shopkeepers and domestic workers whose services are very important.


This can be a group project. The class can be divided into groups and collect data from different service providers based on the given questionnaire.


1. What is the average income of the family?

2. Do they have any additional source of income?

3. What type of house do they live in?

4. Are water, electricity and other amenities available to them?

5. How do they go to their workplace?

6. How many hours do they work in a day?

7. What are the major occupational hazards and difficulties they face?

8. Do they enjoy a weekly off ?

9. How do they spend their leisure time?

10. Who takes care of the children in case the mother is also working?

11. What about their children’s education?


Based on the data collected, prepare a brief report.


Reports can also be shared with other classes of your school.

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