NCERT Class 9 EVS Physiographic division of India

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10. Physiographic division of India and the lifestyles of people


Physical features of land are diverse like mountains, plains, deserts and coastal areas. These physical features do have an impact on the lifestyle of people inhabiting them. Trade, agriculture, other modes of livelihood, and other cultural aspects like festivals, clothing, shelter, music, etc. are all affected by the physical features of the area.


1. Choose any one physiographic division of India, preferably in which your school is located.

2. Identify the geographical characteristics of that region.

3. Find out which aspect of life is influenced by the physical environment and the reasons for its

4. Collect photographs, audio and video tapes, picture postcards and related slides to include in your report.


Prepare a report on how the physical environment influences the lifestyle of people based on your study.


1. Display your study in the form of a wall magazine on your school bulletin board.

2. Share the audio and video tapes with your classmates and friends. 

Please refer to attached file for NCERT Class 9 EVS Physiographic division of India


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