NCERT Class 6 Maths Answers to all Chapters

Read and download NCERT Class 6 Maths Answers to all Chapters chapter in NCERT book for Class 6 Mathematics. You can download latest NCERT eBooks for 2022 chapter wise in PDF format free from This Mathematics textbook for Class 6 is designed by NCERT and is very useful for students. Please also refer to the NCERT solutions for Class 6 Mathematics to understand the answers of the exercise questions given at the end of this chapter

Answers To All Chapters Class 6 Mathematics NCERT

Class 6 Mathematics students should refer to the following NCERT Book chapter Answers To All Chapters in standard 6. This NCERT Book for Grade 6 Mathematics will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Answers To All Chapters NCERT Class 6




1. (a) Ten                2.   (a) 73,75,307

    (b) Ten                     (b) 9,05,00,041

    (c) Ten                     (c) 7,52, 21,302

    (d) Ten                     (d) 58,423,202

    (e) Ten                     (e) 23,30,010

3. (a) 8,75,95,762         Eight crore seventy-five lakh ninety-five thousand seven hundred sixty two.

    (b) 85,46,283            Eighty-five lakh forty-six thousand two hundred eighty-three.

    (c) 9,99,00,046         Nine crore ninety-nine lakh forty six.

    (d) 9,84,32,701         Nine crore eighty-four lakh, thirty-two thousand seven hundred one.

4. (a) 78,921,092          Seventy-eight million, nine hundred twenty-one thousand, ninety-two.

    (b) 7,452,283           Seven million four hundred fifty-two thousand two hundred eighty-three.

    (c) 99,985,102         Ninety-nine million nine hundred eighty-five thousand, one hundred two.

    (d) 48,049,831         Forty-eight million forty-nine thousand eight hundred thirty one.


1. 7,707 tickets                    2. 3,020 runs

3. 2,28,800 votes                  4. Rs. 6,86,659; second week, Rs. 1,14,877

5. 52,965                             6. 87,575 screws

7. Rs. 30,592                       8. 65,124

9. 18 shirts, 1 m 30 cm        10. 177 boxes

11. 22 km 500 m                 12. 180 glasses.


1. (a) 1,700 (b) 500              2. (a) 5,000 ; 5,090 (b) 61,100 ; 61,130

    (c) 16,000                           (c) 7,800 ; 7,840

    (d) 7,000                             (d) 4,40,900 ; 4,40,980

3. (a) 1,20,000     (b) 1,75,00,000      (c) 7,80,000     (d) 3,00,000


1. 11,000 ; 11,001 ; 11,002       2. 10,000 ; 9,999 ; 9,998

3. 0                                         4. 20

5. (a) 24,40,702   (b) 1,00,200    (c) 11,000,00    (d) 23,45,671

6. (a) 93              (b) 9,999        (c) 2,08,089      (e) 76,54,320

7. (a) 503 is on the left of 530 ; 530 > 503

   (b) 307 is on the left of 370 ; 370 > 307

   (c) 56,789 is on the left of 98,765 ; 98,765 > 56,789

   (d) 98,30,415 is on the left of 1,00,23,001 ; 98,30,415 < 1,00,23,001

8. (a) F   (b) F   (c) T   (d) T    (e) T

    (f) F    (g) F   (h) F   (i) T     (j) F

    (k) F   (l) T     (m) F

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