CBSE Class 6 Maths Activity 10

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Activity 10 Class 6 Mathematics NCERT

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Activity 10 NCERT Class 6


Group Activity
(a) To find the areas of palm impressions on a grid paper of each group member, by counting the squares.

(b) To represent the data so obtained by means of a bar graph.

 Learning Objective : (1) To find approximate area of irregular shapes.

(2) To represent the given data through bar graph.

Pre-requisite : Concept of area, representation of data through a bar graph.

Materials Required : A squared grid paper, coloured pencil, a pencil/pen and graph paper.

Procedure : (A)

Step 1. Each member of a group of students places the palm of his/her right hand on the squared grid paper, then moves the pencil around his/her palm to trace the boundary. [Fig. 10(a)].

CBSE Class 6 Maths Activity 10

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