CBSE Class 11 English Writing Grammar Notes Set B

Download CBSE Class 11 English Writing Grammar Notes Set B in PDF format. All Revision notes for Class 11 English have been designed as per the latest syllabus and updated chapters given in your textbook for English in Standard 11. Our teachers have designed these concept notes for the benefit of Grade 11 students. You should use these chapter wise notes for revision on daily basis. These study notes can also be used for learning each chapter and its important and difficult topics or revision just before your exams to help you get better scores in upcoming examinations, You can also use Printable notes for Class 11 English for faster revision of difficult topics and get higher rank. After reading these notes also refer to MCQ questions for Class 11 English given our website

Writing Grammar Class 11 English Revision Notes

Class 11 English students should refer to the following concepts and notes for Writing Grammar in standard 11. These exam notes for Grade 11 English will be very useful for upcoming class tests and examinations and help you to score good marks

Writing Grammar Notes Class 11 English



The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line against which a blank is given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet as given below against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the word that you have supplied.

i) Children love picnics and outings of their parents e.g. of with though they are

equally happier doing things with (a) __________

them around the house. A parent may make (b) __________

his child feels special by following some simple (c) __________

rituals, Bed times stories, the game of cards or (d) __________

simply talking and laugh together before going to (e) __________

bed-some give children a wonderful sense (f) __________

of well being. They hardly ever forgot these moments (g) __________

and cherish them throughout these lives. (h) __________

ii) Medha Patekar had been venturing into the forests since (a) _______

a long time, warnings from colleagues not with holding (b) _______

But she ensured that her team would abide in her (c) _______

regulations strictly, lest they will land themselves in (d) _______

hazardous situations. Many a times her forest related (e) _______

sense, which was superior than that of her (f) _______

team members, proved its worthy by preventing (g) __________

disasters so saving many lives. (h) __________

iii) I will never forget one of my childhood (a) __________

experience, I was trying to, climb a tree (b) __________

When my foot slipped and I fell and faint. (c) __________

My friends could not see me breathing and thought I had dead (d) _____

They all run away and left me. Mean while I regained (e) __________

consciousness and found that I could not more nothing (f)__________

I could neither get up or cry for help. (g) __________

I was having a terrible headache and pain in the back. (h)__________

iv) Advertisements can be extreme useful if they (a) __________

are useful. Obviously those can help you to (b) __________

decide what to buying. For example, if you break (c) __________

your pen and want to buy other, the first thing (d) __________

should be to look at much advertisements. (e) __________

This may help you to chose the best type. However (f) __________

advertisements can be harm if they try to exploit (g) __________

the public. It has been founded that young people (h) __________

expecially teenagars are affected the most.

v) The fact which we sometimes forget is (a) __________
that we human being are also a part of (b) __________
nature. We might live on tall cement (c) __________
buildings, we might travelling in cars and (d) __________
aeroplanes, but we can not live with food, (e) __________
water and air. if we continue pollute our (f) __________
Water resources, soil and air, we will soon finding (g) __________
that all our computers and LCD will help (h) __________
us to survive

vi) Automated Teller Machines (ATM) has revolutionised (a)__________
banking and made life easiest. (b) __________
Bank customers could now withdraw (c) __________
money of their account any time and (d) __________
some where in their own country or (e) __________
even from the world. However (f) __________
like any other electrical gadget, (g) __________
they could also malfunction. (h) __________

vii) Madhu lost her father when she is still (a) __________
a child. Her uncle looked at all the property (b) __________
that she inherit from her father (c) __________
since a few years her uncle worked very (d) __________
sincerely. Afterwards he thinks, “This (e) __________
property should make me rich. How long (f) __________
should I kept serving my niece? (g) __________
I must do anything. (h) __________

viii) One day an one eyed man was travelling (a) __________
through a bus who was feeling uneasy (b) __________
because he was carrying a big bag on him (c) __________
shoulder. Anyone sitting next to him said,” (d) __________
why didn’t you keep your bag (e) __________
beneath the seat”. The man smiled (f) __________
and said, “It was too big to (g) __________
be kept their.” (h) __________

ix) Tools made the early man much powerful (a) __________
than the stronger of animals. They were (b) __________
very simple and ordinary. But we shall remember (c) __________
that these were the first tools make by (d) __________
human beings. For these tools the everyman (e) __________
took the first great step towards make (f) __________
my life better. Since that time human (g) __________
beings have been made better and better tools (h) __________

x) More of the fun and excitement in your life. (a) __________
comes from use your senses. senses open up (b) __________
a world who is full of sights, sounds, smells (c) __________
tastes and things to touch. The sharpen your (d) __________
senses and the more you use it, the (e) __________
more enjoyable each of these become for (f) __________
you. For instance a painter would see (g) __________
shades and shape. (h) __________

In the unedited passage given below, one word has been omited in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined.

i) It was from of the thrillers that (a) __________
he read that he got an idea to (b) __________
eliminate girl’s friend’s USbased
(c) __________
fiancee, was to visit India (d) __________
September. In a bid to arrange (e) __________
money a murder weapon, Bikram Singh (f) __________
devised a plan of extorting money a (g) __________
businessman making threat calls (h) __________

ii) In an accident, maksood, 19, was run by (a) __________
a DTC bus is Mangolpur area Friday morning (b) __________
Police said Maksood on his way to work in his (c) __________
two wheeler the bus hit him. (d) __________
“He rushed to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, (e) __________
he succumbed to injuries”. said a senior (f) __________
Police officer. A case of rash negligent (g) __________
driving registered against the driver. (h) __________

iii) Congress leader demanded the centre take (a) __________
a quick decision the issue of a separate (b) __________
Telangana, and said that there no compromise (c) __________
On the demand. “The demand justified democratically (d) _________
Constitutionally politically, “Mr. K. Jana Reddy said. (e) __________
Formation separate Telangana state (f) __________
benefit congress politically and enhance (g) __________
its credibility the Lok Sabha Election 2014. (h) __________

iv) The Gujarat High Court Monday expressed (a) __________
concern six witneses retracting (b) __________
earlier statements that contested the (c) __________
state polic version of death of Mumbra girl (d) __________
Ishrat Jahan. The six witnesses, who earlier opposed (e) __________
the police theory of Ishrat dying in encounter (f) __________
With the security forces, now changed their (g) __________
position saying their statements recorded (h) __________
under duress.

v) When he was younger had fallen sick, everyone (a) __________
in the neighbourhood had come to ask his health (b) __________
Now, when his days drawing to a close, no one (c) __________
Visited him. Most of old friends were dead. His (d) __________
sons had grown up; One was working a local (e) __________
garage, the other had stayed in Pakistan he was at the (f) __________
time of partition. The children had bought kites (g) __________
from him ten years ago were now adults, struggling for living (h) __________

vi) Jimmy immediately turned go, but as (a) __________
he reached the door, he hesitated, and (b) __________
said, “May I not see the one, sir, for (c) __________
a moment?” He believed Mini had not (d) __________
changed. He thought she come running to (e) __________
him as she to do. He had brought in (f) __________
memory of former days a nuts and (g) __________
grapes. His money had all gone he was in prison (h) __________

vii) Investigations have been going on a long (a) __________
time to produce environment friendly plastic in (b) __________
the sense that it decays becomes a part (c) __________
of soil like rotting vegetables scraps do. (d) __________
The scientists of Imperial Industries been able (e) __________
to develop just a plastic called “Biopol.” (f) __________
It manufactured by microbes. Bottles, film (g) __________
and fibers be made out of it. (h) __________

viii) Psychologists found that playing with toys and (a) __________
games serves vital functions in a child’s life, (b) __________
including: Helping him to discover environmental (c) __________
developing ability to concentrate, releasing (d) __________
emotional tension, and communication others. (e) __________
The fact is that toys are essential to the (f) __________
mental physical development (g) __________
of child. (h) __________

ix) The main sources of pollution the urban (a) __________
liquid sewage the industrial liquid waste. Then (b) __________
There is surface run off from cultivated fields often (c) __________
contains pesticides and inseticides. People dump (d) __________
thousands of dead bodies and animals the (e) __________
river day. If the liquid sewage (f) __________
treated before throwing it in to the river (g) __________
We produce some electricity to run the pumping (h) __________
set and to lighten up some near by places.

x) During the last decades there has been (a) __________
considerable advancement in field of agriculture, (b) __________
dairy farming, breeding fish etc. All (c) __________
developments have given more food (d) __________
and nutritious food to the people (e) __________
All this improved the nutrition of the (f) __________
People is in no way less important (g) __________
the wonder drugs, the gift of medical science (h) __________


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