CBSE Class 11 English Reading Passage 7

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CBSE Class 11 English Reading Passage 7. Learning the important concepts is very important for every student to get better marks in examinations. The concepts should be clear which will help in faster learning. The attached concepts made as per NCERT and CBSE pattern will help the student to understand the chapter and score better marks in the examinations.

Passage : 7

A.1 Read the passage given below and write the options that you consider the most appropriate. 

Mining scandals are rocking the country and daily news reports bring to light more cases of corruption among politicians and businessmen and their total apathy towards the environment and life. However, 72 years ago mining had found a strong proponent in Rabindranath Tagore-as long as it was within limits and kosher, of course. The protagonist in his short story ‘Parting Words’ (Sesh Katha) had conveyed his “Salam to Jamsetji Tata” for the Latter’s pioneering effort in mining and setting up a steel factory in 1912. The village Sakchi, where iron ore was first found five years earlier, became Jamshedpur, now a thriving town that is an industrial hub.

The story’s protagonist, Nabinmadhav, castigates the dysfunctional posse of English civilians for their “excessive preoccupation with law and order”. He deprecates, “They had once indulged in indigo cultivation, then they switched to tea plantation.. .but had utterly failed, to explore the huge assets buried deep within Bharat, be it in the hearts and minds of her people, or be it within her nature.”

He further notes, “Deep within her hard-to reach womb, the earth keeps stored tough metals that powerful ones have used to conquer the four winds”. Nabin observes, “The poor have remained contented only with the produce of the earth’s topsoil-crops; and in the process their stomachs have dried out, their ribs gone skeletal.” Hence, Nabin changed his job, learnt mining and became a geologist.

Tagore wrote his last three short stories at the age of 78. Of a different genre, these were compiled in the book, Three Associates. The three protagonists of these stories were professionals of science or engineering to presage industrialisation to the new generation.

But before someone even thinks of loading his trucks with illegally mined ores, he must stop in his tracks and reflect a bit on why he is doing what he is doing and what the consequences of such an action could be. Illegal mining is the consequence of self-aggrandisement that comes from unbridled greed. Quoting the Upanishad, Tagore had repeatedly advocated ma gridhah, meaning “Do not greed!”

He had reasoned, “Why we must not give in to greed? Everything is pervaded by One Truth. Therefore, an individual’s greed prevents us from realising that One. Tena tyaktena bhunjeethah - let all benefit from what emanates from that One gridhah kashyas wiidhanam, that is, do not covet another’s wealth.” Manifested as corruption, greed is gnawing at the entrails of our nation.

We need to stop this here and now, without giving in to self-despair. When greed overtakes need, it spells trouble. Tagore wrote his famous song’Ekla Chalo’ (walk alone) during the days of national crisis so as to enthuse one and all to make the call of their inner conscience as paramount. The monsoon is here once again, bringing with it welcome rain.

What else can one pray for but renewal and rejuvenation? It’s time to sow seeds of hope for a better tomorrow. It’s also an opportune time to renew our social contact by cleansing our conscience and spreading hope. And it’s a good time to invoke the words of Gurudev as we celebrate 150 years of his birth. Just three months before his death-on his last birthday - Tagore had emphatically declared, “It’s a sin to lose faith in man.”

A. The modern day business men and politicians are least interested in ...........

i) mining and industry

ii) contesting elections and winning

iii) protecting environment and other life forms

iv) protecting indians abroad

B. The protagonist believes that India’s huge assets are lying unexplored in the ...

i) vast planes of Gangas

ii) mountains of Himalayan range

iii) hearts and minds of Indians and India’s

iv) mines of Haryana and Jharkhand

C. Nabin shifted from farming to mining and started working as a .....

i) Business man

ii) Politician

iii) geologist

iv) environmentalist

D. One’s greed should not ...

i) be reflected in his/her behaviour

ii) be exposed

iii) overtake his/her need

iv) be less than country’s need

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