CBSE Class 10 English Passage Assignment Set A

Read and download free pdf of CBSE Class 10 English Passage Assignment Set A. Get printable school Assignments for Class 10 English. Standard 10 students should practise questions and answers given here for English in Grade 10 which will help them to strengthen their understanding of all important topics. Students should also download free pdf of Printable Worksheets for Class 10 English prepared as per the latest books and syllabus issued by NCERT, CBSE, KVS and do problems daily to score better marks in tests and examinations

CBSE Class 10 English Passage Assignment Set A. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practice them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


PASSAGE No. 1 (With solutions)

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:


By: Vijay Kumar Dutt, Indian Railways High speed in Indian Railways is at present limited to 150 KMPH. However, in many other countries the speed of Railways is of the order of 200 KM per hour (KMPH). In France, Japan, Germany, China, Spain and South Korea high speed traction above 280 KMPH has been introduced. India and Japan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 12th December, 2015 on cooperation and assistance in the Mumbai–Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (HSR) Project referred to by many as ‘Bullet Train Project’. Japan has offered an assistance of over Rs. 79,000 crore for the project. The loan is for a period of 50 years with a moratorium of 15 years, at an interest rate of 0.1 per cent.

The project is a 508-kilometre Railway line costing a total of Rs 97,636 crore, to be implemented in a period of seven years. It has been agreed that for the Mumbai – Ahemdabad HSR Project. Japan’s Shinkansen Technology, known for its speeds reliability and safety, will be adopted. Transfer of technology and “Make in India” will be essential part of this assistance package. Japan will also assist India in training of personnel for HSR.’ The two countries have also entered into two comprehensive technological cooperation agreements on 11th December 2015, for modernization and upgradation of Indian railways. These agreements have been signed during the official visit to India of His Excellency Mr. Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, during December 11-13, 2015.


On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the questions: 

a) Name the countries where high speed traction above 280 KMPH has been introduced.

b) Which project is known as “Bullet Train Project”?

c) How much time and money is estimated for the Project?

d) Which technology will be adopted for the Project?

e) What agreements were signed during 11th December to 13th December 2015?



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