CBSE Class 11 Chemistry - Classification of elements

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CBSE Class 11 Chemistry - Classification of elements

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Q1 Define (I) Ionization Energy (II) Electron gain affinity (III) Electronegativity

(iv) Covalent Bond (v) Octet rule

Q2 Write the factors that affects the ionization energy.

Q3 Explain Why n-shell contains maximum 18 electrons.

Q4 Write IUPAC name & symbol of 115,120,114,106.

Q5 Write the general electronic configuration of d & f block . write the properties of these blocks.

Q6 Give reason (I) the ionization enthalphy of nitrogen is more than oxygen

(ii) the first ionization of sodium is lower than magnesium but second ionization enthalphy of sodium is higher than magnesium.

Q7 How do atomic radii , electronegativity, electron gain enthalphy

Q8 What do you mean by isoelectronic molecule . Give two examples.

Q9 Out of F & CL Which one have more negative electron gain enthalphy & why

Q10 What would be the IInd electron gain enthalphy of oxygen as +ve, -ve, or less +ve . Justify your answer.

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