CBSE Class 11 Chemistry - Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure

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CBSE Class 11 Chemistry - Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practice them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.




Atomic orbital is monocentric while a molecular orbital is polycentric”. Explain


Explain the term resonance.


HF has a higher boiling point than HCl.why?


Define hybridization.


Write electron dot structures of CO2 and AlCl3.


1 Define the term bond length. Arrange the following in the increasing order of their bond lengths: Ethane, ethene, ethyne

2 Define the term bond angle. Arrange the following in the increasing order of their bond angle: Water, ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide.

3 Which hybrid orbitals are used by the carbon atoms in the following molecules?

a. CH3-CH=CH2

b. CH3-CH2-OH



4 What do you understand by formal charge of a molecule? Calculate the formal charges on all the atoms in the following molecules

i. HClO4

ii. HSO4

5 Differentiate between Bond energy and Bond dissociation energy


1 What are a) expanded octet molecules? b) odd electron molecules? c) Electron deficient molecules? Give two examples for each.

2 Differentiate between b) Covalent and Van der Waal’s radius


c) Bonding and antibonding molecular orbital.

3 Draw the resonating structures for the following : CO32- , NO3- , SO2

4 Give reasons:

a) BF3 is non-polar while NF3 is polar.

b) ClF3 is T-shaped.

c) px orbital does not overlap with py orbital.

5 Justify the following

a) Bonds in ozone are equivalent.

b) Oxygen is paramagnetic.

c) Acetic acid forms dimer.

6 Explain why

a) Para nitro phenol has higher boiling point than ortho nitro phenol.

b) Hydrogen bonding in HCl is insignificant.

c) Bond angle in water is larger than bond angle in H2S

7 Explain the formation of PCl5 and SF6 on the basis of hybridization.

8 Write the molecular orbital electronic configuration for O2- and O2+, Calculate the bond order & comment on their stabilities.

9 Draw orbital overlap diagram for the following: a)H3O+ b) H2O2 c) NH3

10 Which hybrid orbitals are used by the carbon atoms in the following molecules?

a. CH3-CH=CH2

b. CH3-CH2-OH





The Chemistry teacher was explaining the properties of two hydrides of Sulphur and Oxygen: H2S and H2O. H2S and H2O are having same hybridization states but different bond angles. H2S has indefinite volume while H2O has definite volume. H2S cannot be placed in an open container but H2O can be placed due to their different physical states.

(i) Write the hybridization states of central atom in H2S and H2O. (ii) What are the physical states of H2S and H2O?

(iii) Write bond angle of H2O.

(iv) Why H2S and H2O have different bond angles .


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