CBSE Class 10 English Value Based Questions Set F

CBSE Class 10 English Value Based Questions Set F read and download in pdf. Value Based Questions come in exams for English in Standard 10 and are easy to learn and helpful in scoring good marks. You can refer to more chapter wise VBQs for Class 10 English and also get latest topic wise very useful study material as per latest 2021 NCERT book for Class 12 English and all other subjects for free on Studiestoday designed as per latest Grade 10 CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and examination pattern

CBSE Class X English Value Based Questions. Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. Value based questions are now being given in Class X English  exams to promote morals and values in students, Students should read and understand the following VBQs to get better understanding and score good marks in exams. Learn the VBQs and get good marks in exams.

Value Based Question’s for class 10 English


Class X


1. “Dear Michael, it said. Thank you! I am not sure how it happened, but thanks. You saved my life.”

 Even though Michael did not know Shultz personally, he made every attempt to save him.

What values did Michael display?

Value Points

· Compassion

· Empathy

· Never give up attitude

· Concern for the other

· Responsible citizen, helping a fellow citizen.

2. Answering a reporter’s question as to what the family was going to do next, Mr. Shultz said that they were off to stock up on some games.

Computers, especially computer games, are a rage with children as well as adults. They play an important role in our lives but they are also a major distraction and have their hazards. In about 150 words, write an article on the hazards of addiction and how to overcome it.

Value Points

· Technology here to stay – move with times

· Advantages – education, entertainment, stress buster

·  Disadvantages – addiction, distraction, one becomes anti-social, affects health, games inculcate violence

·  Need to exercise self-control – strike a balance

· Time management


3. The foundation of any long-lasting relationship is trust. Comment on this statement with reference to the character of Lavinia from the story A Shady Plot.

Value Points

· Mutual trust key to a healthy relationship

· Helps prevent suspicion and discord

· Improves understanding

· Strengthens the bond

 4. Traitor, traitor. “Why she says it’s you, Mr. Hallock. What does she mean? ….. Lavinia stopped and began to look at me through narrowed lids.

Do you think Lavinia is justified in basing her suspicions on the Ouija Board? Give reasons for your answer.

Value Points

·  Superstitions are irrational and misleading

·  No concrete evidence

· Relationships based on trust and faith - need to be developed and nurtured

· Talk things out face to face to clarify matters

·  Ghost not referring to John and Lavinia, but to his using the Ouija Board when he had promised to dissuade others from using them


5. ‘Remember one thing Patol; however small a part you’re offered, never consider it beneath your dignity to accept it. As an artist your aim should be to make the most of your opportunity, and squeeze the last drop of meaning out of your lines. A play involves the work of many and it is the combined effort of many that makes a success of the play.’
Some time back you had received a letter from your friend from Bangalore in which he had mentioned how upset he was when he was not given any role to perform in the Annual function but given a back stage duty. After reading the above lines you decide to write a reply to his letter advising him to change his attitude as no work is mean.
Value Points

· Dignity of labour
· Make the most of the opportunity that comes your way
·Team work – giving due credit to individuals
·Shouldering responsibility
· Respect / acknowledgement / appreciation of others
·A man is judged not by his position / status / the work assigned, but his performance
6. Patol Babu glanced at the paper and found a single word had been scrawled on it – ‘Oh’. ….. Sosanko said, “What’s the matter Grandpa? You don’t seem too pleased.”
Inspite of his initial disappointment, Patol Babu came to terms with what was offered to him and finally achieved satisfaction and happiness.
Write an article for your school magazine entitled – Take challenges in your stride.
Value Points

· Accept challenges life throws at you - will be able to overcome even toughest obstacle
· Enables you to realize your potential
· Challenges expose your weaknesses and strengths
· Work on weaknesses to overcome them
· Knowledge of your strengths give confidence



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