CBSE Class 10 English Value Based Questions Set E

CBSE Class 10 English Value Based Questions Set E read and download in pdf. Value Based Questions come in exams for English in Standard 10 and are easy to learn and helpful in scoring good marks. You can refer to more chapter wise VBQs for Class 10 English and also get latest topic wise very useful study material as per latest 2021 NCERT book for Class 12 English and all other subjects for free on Studiestoday designed as per latest Grade 10 CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and examination pattern






Question 1: How did the “Two Gentlemen of Verona”,Nicola and Jacopo give promise of greater hope for human society? Justify the title . What message does the story convey?

Ans.- a) Aptly and rationally titled.

        b) Virtuous, devoted to their cause.

        C )Self- respecting and dignified.

        d) Sympathetic, kind hearted and full of human values.


Question 2: How does Saki makes fun of the hypocritical and competitive attitude of all the three characters in the story ? How does he blend humour with satire in mocking their follies and weaknesses ?

Ans.- Satirical use of human follies , weaknesses and hypocrisy. Mrs. Packletide’s competitive and vainglorious attitude high-lighted .Louisa Mebbin shown as opportunist, blackmailer and money minded.


Question 3: True love is based on boundless faith and patience. Ali displays remarkable qualities of love and patience .Do you agree? Give evidence in the story in support of your answer.

Ans.- Ali’s remarkable display of love and patience. Grief or pangs of separations is inescapable. Boundless faith, infinite patience , incurable optimism. Doesn’t mind pocketing insults and humiliations.


Question 4: Describe “A shady Plot “ as a ghost story, describing the supernatural and the atmosphere around which it is woven . Is it a different kind of ghost story?

Ans.- An owl eyed ghost ,Helen and Ouija board played an important role .Lavinia was fond of Ouija board and Ouija board parties. Helan provides creative inspiration and best plot to write ghost story.


Question5: Why did Patol Babu feel that ‘the whole thing was just a gigantic hoax? “However small a part you are offered, never consider beneath your dignity to accept it”. How did these priceless words of his guru Pakrashi help overcome his apathy to give a wonderful performance later?

 Ans: Offered small role of a short tempered pedestrian. Was just to utter a mono-syllabic word “oh”. Priceless words of his guru/mentor Pakrashi stirred his mind. Potalbabu made an astonishing discovery, performed with perfection and dedication.

“However small a part you are offered, never consider beneath your dignity to accept it”.How did these priceless words of his guru Pakrashi help overcome his apathy to give a wonderful performance later?

Ans: Offered small role of a short tempered pedestrian.

Was just to utter a mono-syllabic word “oh”.

Priceless words of his guru/mentor Pakrashi stirred his mind.

Potalbabu made an astonishing discovery,performed with perfection and dedication.


Q:Describe the sequence of events that led to Sebastian Shultz’s miraculous recovery.How did Sebastian enter Michael’s games? Do you think the real Sebastian will ever meet Michael one day?

Ans:Sebastian Shultz injured in a motor way accident ,declared critical and remained in coma.

Miraculous recovery,Sebastian Shultz enter Michael’s psychodriven games.

Sebastian’s head banged into computer memory saved.

Quite possible Michael and real Sebastian may meet.



Q:what would have happened if the Nightingale had not listened to the frog and had done what she wanted to do?

Ans:Could not have lost her life.

Could have better life living.

Could have become for better melodious in her voice.

Q:Why did ticket office gross crash?

AnsBecause the Nightingale could not properly by the point of view of the audience.


Q: 1’Man is so busy in enhancing the outer beauty that he has no time to peep into his heart and spirit and to realize the beauty that lies with in’. Explain.

Ans: The person i8s so beautiful and kind in his heart because of his outer beauty or the appearance we are fed up with our personality. Inner beauty is greater than outer.

Q:2 Why has the mirror been called Unmisted?

Ans: No preconception, truthful not cruel exact etc.


Q:1What is the theme of the sonnet ‘Not marble , Not the gilded monuments’?

Ans:The immortal words of a loved one will never be destroyed as marble and statues are ever time . War cannot even destroy them.

Ans: Immoral values.


Q:1 What impression do you form of Ozymadias after reading the poem?

Ans: He was mighty proud of his great works and wonderful achievements. The author mighty persons would feel so insignificant and despair.

Q:2 Describe the facial expression of the broken statue?

Ans: He was powerful and mighty. On the other hand their was the expression of scorn and hostility, wrinkled face and contempt.


Q:1 What were the suffering that the mariners had to undergo after the Albatross was killed?

Ans: The bird brought the favorable wind. The wind stopped the later and the misfortune overcome them.

Q:2 What impression do you form of the Ancient Mariner from the poem……..?

Ans: Overflow with grey beard skinny hands and glittering eyes, abnormal crazy character. The dead Albatross was hung around the neck of the Ancient mariner as a punishment .


Q:1 Describe the way of snake’s drinking at the water trough?

Ans: To quench his thrust. Rested his throat upon the stone, sipped straight mouth , slack long body , lifted his head drinking like a cattle.

Q:2 Why was the poet filled with horror and protest when the snake prepared retreat and bury himself in the ‘horrid black’ hole?

Ans: The poet admired the snake’s color shape, movements, considered him a ‘silent’ seeking with hospitality. The poet was filled with horror by throwing at him a log of wood.



Q:1 Insensitivity, vulgarity, greed and hierocracy are common characteristics shared by the two sisters. Compare and contrast Amelia and Elizabeth. Support your answer with evidence from the play?

Value points: Sisters Amelia and Elizabeth have things in common .

Sensitive in human, vulgar, greedy, hypocrite.

Not to leave opportunity to insult others.

Take away important belongings in his presence, supposed to be dead.


Q:2 You have witnessed the role of Romans in the drama Julius Caesar. Do you think that they became greedy ,violent and aggressive having been influenced by mark Antony ? Was it right for them to react like that after hearing about the wil of Caesar ? Do you see the same scenario in the present day society ?

Ans. Romans fickle minded, violent , aggressive.

Full support to Antony to take revenge. 

Characteristics of Romans similar to the present people. 

Easily swayed by Antony’s oratory skills. 

Q:2 How will the monuments and statues destroyed?

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