CBSE Class 10 English Unseen Passage L

Read CBSE Class 10 English Unseen Passage L below, students should read unseen passage for class 10 English available on with solved questions and answers. These topic wise unseen comprehension for class 10 English with answers have been prepared by English teacher of Grade 10. These short passages have been designed as per the latest syllabus for class 10 English and if practiced thoroughly can help you to score good marks in standard 10 English class tests and examinations

CBSE Class 10 English Unseen Passage L. Students should do unseen passages for class 10 English which will help them to get better marks in English class tests and exams. Unseen passages are really scoring and practicing them on regular basis will be very useful. Refer to the unseen passage below with answers.

Read the following passage carefully.

1.Cell phones have changed the way we communicate in the last decade, and despite standards being developed to make charges universal, there is always that same old issue, where to plug it in, and with what charger. The situation has gotten worse with the use of smart phones that drain their charge within a day. 

2.The Israeli company Powermat has developed a brilliant solution that allows you to charge your smart phone, iPod or handheld device simply by setting it down on a small high-tech charge pad. 

3.You need no card, no plug just a small case or receiver that is permanently affixed to your device.You come home or enter the office, set up to three devices on the mat and voila-after the required charge is achieved, Powermat shuts down and you’re good to go. 

4.“It’s an increasingly wireless world and we are more tied down with wired devices and finding the right charger,” says Beth Meyer. Vice President of global marketing. “Powermat gets rid of the tangle.” 

5.Meyer points out that Powermat can actually extend the battery of handheld devices and phones, which are more often than not overcharged. Powermat determines what charge to deliver and for how long. That will help prolong the battery’s lifespan, consume less energy and cut down on environmental greenhouse gases. 

6.The mat, which can be bought on the internet for around Rs 2700, is plugged into a power source, and using a digital “handshake,” charges the smart device or phone via a receiver or case attached to it. 

7.After launching Powermat to retail success in 2009,”we are going into the vision to build a truly wireless world,” Meyer says, noting that travellers should soon expect to see Powermat stations in airports. 

8.According to Meyer, the Powermat cat theoretically be developed to charge anything from a cell phone to an electric car- the latter on an bigger mat, obviously. Maybe even one you park on. 

Answer the following questions briefly.

1.There is always that same old issue’. What old issue is the author talking about here?

2.How has the situation become worse?

3.In what way is the Powermat solution to the problem ‘brilliant’?

4.How does the ‘smart solution’ developed by Powermat work?

5.How does the Powermat solution save energy and make digital devices last long?

6.What is the vision of the Powermat Company?

7.What can air-travellers expect soon?

8.How are car owners going to benefit from the Powermat technology in future?

9.Which expression in paragraph 1-4 literally means “here it is” and is used to convey the meaning “to call attention or to express satisfaction or to make something appear as if by magic”.

Suggested answers of the above passage:

1.The old issue is where to plug in charger and with what charger.

2.Situation becomes worse with the use of Smartphone which drains their charge within a day.

3.The Israeli company powermat developed a solution that allows charging Smartphone iPod or handheld device by salting it down on small high-tech charge pad.

4.The ‘smart solution’ developed by Powermat worked with no cord, no plug bt a small case or receiver which is permanently affixed to device.

5.Powermat solution extend the battery of hand held device and phone and determines what charge to deliver and for how long.

6.The vision of Powermat Company was to help the battery’s lifespan, consume less energy and out down environmental greenhouse gases.

7.Air travellers can soon expect to see Powermat stations in airports.

8.Powermat can theoretically be developed to charge anything from a cell phone to an electric car.




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