CBSE Class 10 English Unseen Passage 1

Read CBSE Class 10 English Unseen Passage 1 below, students should read unseen passage for class 10 English available on with solved questions and answers. These topic wise unseen comprehension for class 10 English with answers have been prepared by English teacher of Grade 10. These short passages have been designed as per the latest syllabus for class 10 English and if practiced thoroughly can help you to score good marks in standard 10 English class tests and examinations

CBSE Class 10 English Unseen Passage 1. Students should do unseen passages for class 10 English which will help them to get better marks in English class tests and exams. Unseen passages are really scoring and practicing them on regular basis will be very useful. Refer to the unseen passage below with answers.

Read the passage below and give answer to the questions:

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel started his movements in Bardoli in 1928. This movement earned Patel the title of Sardar or Leader.

Gandhiji had planned to make Bardoli the centre of his non-cooperation movements in its first phase, but after Chauri-Chaura incident he dropped this idea. Bardoli soon became the target of the British Government's displeasure. So, revenue was raised by 22%. Cultivators were compelled to protest but the Government remained unmoved.

The delegations, therefore, met Vallabhbhai who studied the situation carefully and then spoke to Gandhiji. He told him that it was necessary to fight against the autorities for the cause of the farmers. Gandhiji gave his nod and Vallabhbhai in his own way, Persuading the people to sacrifice everything, organized a farmer's movement. It was a non-cooperation movement, fully non-violent and disciplined.

The Government cracked down on the agitators but they fearlessly continued their struggle under the leadership of Vallabhbhai. All sorts of cruelties were inflicted upon them but the farmers remained united. Their morale remained on a high too. At last, the government had to draw up a compromise and meet all the demands of the farmers of the Bardoli Taluke. The agitation under the leadership of Vallabhbhai Patel was a grand success and had great Impact on all future non-cooperation movements, throughout the country. It brought great name and fame to Vallabhbhai. His dynamic leadership earned him the title of Sardar or true leader from Gandhiji.

Answer the following Questions:-

i.What had Gandhiji Planned for Bardoli?

ii.When did Gandhiji drop the idea of the first phase of his movement?

iii.How did the government show displeasure?

iv.Why did the delegations meet Vallabhbhai?

v.What did Patel say to Gandhiji?

vi.What did Patel persuade the people to do?

vii.Of what kind was the movement started by Patel?

viii.How did Vallabhbhai earn his title of 'Sardar'?

ix.find the words in the passage, that mean the following -:




i.Gandhiji had planned to make Bardoli the centre of his non-cooperation movement of his first phase.

ii.After Chauri-Chaura incident, Gandhiji dropped the idea of the first phase of his movement.

iii.The Government showed displeasure by raising revenue by 22% at Bardoli Taluka.

iv.The delegations met Vallabhbhai to help them in the movement against the Government.

v.He told Gandhiji that it was necessary to fight against the authorities for the cause of the farmers.

vi.Patel persuaded the people of sacrifice everything in their struggle of the cause.

vii.It was a non-cooperation movement, full non-violent and disciplined.

viii.Vallabhbhai’s dynamic leadership earned him the title of Sardar from Gandhiji.

ix.Answers below 





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