CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Syllabus 2013 2014

CLASS–XI (2013-14)


Unit 1: Nature and Purpose of Business: 

• Concept and characteristics of business.

• Business, profession and employment -Meaning and their distinctive features.

• Objectives of business - Economic and social, role of profit in business

• Classification of business activities: Industry and Commerce.

• Industry - types: primary, secondary, tertiary - Meaning and sub types

• Commerce - trade: types (internal, external, wholesale and retail; and auxiliaries to trade: banking, insurance, transportation, warehousing, communication, and advertising.

• Business risks - Meaning, nature and causes. 

Meaning of business with special reference to economic and non-economic activities.Two or three definitions of business with one conclusive definition.

Fundamental features of business which differentiate it with other activities of society.

Meaning of profession and employment with one definition of each including all their features.

Differentiating features of business, profession and employment.

Meaning and classification of objectives of business as : Economic Social

Economic Objectives - Profit earning, survival, growth

Social Objectives - Production and supply of quality goods and services

Role of Profit - As a source of income for business persons for meeting expansion requirements.

Indication of efficient working of business and building its reputation of business.

Meaning of industry and commerce with examples.

Industry: Meaning of primary, secondary and tertiary industries with 2-3 examples.

Commerce : Meaning of Trade and Auxiliaries to trade. Meaning of commerce : Meaning of different types of trade -Internal, External, Wholesale, and Retail Traders: Meaning of different auxiliaries to trade- Banking, Insurance, Transportation Warehousing, Communication, and Advertising.

Meaning of risks as a special characteristic of business including all possible causes.

Unit 2: Forms of Business organizations 

• Sole Proprietorship- meaning, features, merits and limitations.

• Partnership- Features, types, merits and limitations of partnership and partners, registration of a partnership firm, partnership deed. Type of partners.

• Hindu Undivided Family Business: features.

• Cooperative Societies- features, types, merits and limitations.

• Company: private and public company -features, merits and limitations.

• Formation of a company- four stages, important document (MOA, AOA, relevances of certificate of incorporation and certificate of commencement.

• Starting a business - Basic factors.

Meaning of forms of business organisations

Meaning and definition of sole proprietorship, its features merits and limitations.

Definition of partnership as per partnership act 1932

Types of partnership : On the basis of duration or on the basis of liability.

Limited liability partnership- Meaning and examples

Types of partners: Active, sleeping, secret and nominal partner, partner by estoppel.

Meaning of partnership firms with 5-6 major aspects

Need for registration

Self explanatory

Types : Consumers, producers, marketing, farmers, credit and housing co-operatives.

Meaning and definition of private and public company.

Difference between private and public company.

Features, merits and limitations of private and public company.

Stages in the formation of a company in brief.

Knowledge about selection of a business and its size and form of business organization.

Understanding factor to decide location of business, financing and physical facilities.

Unit 3: Public, Private and Global Enterprises 

• Private sector and public sector enterprises.

• Forms of public sector enterprises: features, merits and limitations of departmental undertakings, statutory corporation and Government Company.

• Changing role of public sector enterprises.

• Global enterprises, Joint ventures, Public Private Partnership - Features

Develop an understanding of public, private and global enterprises.

Activity to identify various types of public enterprises.

Develop an understanding for the changing patterns by studying global enterprises joint ventures and public private partnership.

Private Sector and Public Sector: Meaning

Forms of Public Sector Enterprises: Departmental Undertakings, Statutory Corporation, Government Company (Features, Meaning, Merits and Limitation of each.)

Global enterprises, Joint ventures, Public private partnership- Meaning and Features.

Unit 4: Business Services

• Banking: Types of bank accounts- savings, current, recurring, fixed deposit and multiple option deposit account.

• Banking services with particular reference to issue of bank draft, banker's cheque (pay order), RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), bank overdraft, cash credits and e- banking.

• Insurance: principles, concept of life, health, fire and marine insurance.

• Postal and telecom services: mail (UPC, registered post, parcel, speed post and courier) and other services.

Banking: Types of Bank Accounts- Saving, current, recurring and fixed deposit Accounts along with specific features of each.

Banking Services Meaning and special features of each bank draft, banker's cheque (Pay order), RTGS (Real

Time Gross Settlement) NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer). Bank overdraft, cash credits, e-banking.

E Banking : Meaning of e- banking and ways of e-banking: ATM, Debit Card, Credit Card, internet banking and mobile banking.

Meaning and principle of insurance utmost good faith, insurance interest, indemnity, contribution, doctrine of subrogation and cause proxima.

Meaning and distinction between life, health, fire and marine insurance.

Meaning and uses of mail (UPC, Registered Post, Parcel, Speed Post, Courier) and Saving schemes (Recurring Deposit, NSCs, KVP, PPF, MIS )

Unit 5: Emerging Modes of Business 

• E-business - scope and benefits, resources required for successful e-business implementation, online transactions, payment mechanism, security and safety of business transactions.

• Outsourcing-concept, need and scope of BPO (business process outsourcing) and KPO (knowledge process outsourcing).

• Smart cards and ATM's meaning and utility

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