CBSE Class 4 Mathematics Sample Paper Set O

CBSE Class 4 Mathematics Sample Paper Set O. It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

SECTION – A (20×1=20 marks)

A.1 Fill in the blanks.

a) Top view of a table looks like a __________.

b) The greatest 4 digit number is __________.

c) Distance from the earth to the moon is measured in __________ (km/m/cm)

d) Three quarters of an hour = __________ minutes.

e) There are __________10 paise coins in one rupee.

A.2 Match the correct pair.

a) 10 days 30 minutes

b) Half an hour 6006 m

c) 100 less than 1000 240 hours

d) 6 km 6m 900

e) 1 cm 10 mm

A.3 Choose the correct answer.

a) 6500 paise will be equal to –

i) Rs. 65 ii) Rs. 650 iii) Rs. 605

b) A dog has 4 legs. So 400 dogs will have

i) 160 legs ii) 1600 legs iii) 16 legs

c) The smallest number made by using the digits 6, 5, 0, 2, is

i) 6520 ii) 6250 iii) 2056

d) In 24 hour clock time 12 midnight is written as

i) 1200 hours ii) 2400 hours iii) 0012 hours

e) 46070 paise = Rs. __________

i) Rs. 460.70 ii) Rs. 46.070 iii) Rs. 4607.00

A.4 Find the value.

a) 10 × 2000 = __________.

b) 7395 - __________ = 7394

c) 25 + 72 + 500 = __________.

d) 314 ÷ 1 = __________.

e) If 96 – 86 = 10 then, 86 + 10 = __________.

SECTION – B (attempt any eight) (8×3=24 marks)

B.1 Using the basic shape of brick draw a wall pattern.

B.2 One mini bus can take 35 children. How many mini buses are required for 245 children?

B.3 In a Marathon Race people run about 60km. If the people run in a stadium, on 600m track then how many rounds will they take to complete the marathon race?

B.5 Convert into given units.

a) Rs. 25.86 = __________ p.

b) 25 m = __________ cm.

c) 5005 m= __________ km __________m.

B.6 Draw the top view and side view of funnel.

B.7 Write the following date in short form :

a) 1st January 2014

b) 31st December 2001

B.8 If the price of 1 litre of petrol is Rs. 69. How much amount will Prabha pay for 10 litre of petrol?

B.9 Ram’s height is 1m 32 cm. His sister Rita is 86cm taller than him. What is Rita’s height?

B.10 Convert the following into 12 hours clock time.

a) 06:30 hours = __________.

b) 13:50 hours = __________.

c) 08:19 hours = __________.

SECTION – C (attempt any seven) (7×4=28 marks)

C.1 What costs less and by how much ?

CD Rs. 196.55

DVD Rs. 198.25

C.2 Perimeter of a square field is 600m. Rani takes 5 rounds of the field. How much distance will be covered by Rani?

C.3 Subtract and check your answer by addition :

69,753 – 35,291

C.4 Arrange in columns and solve it.

a) 14 km 290 m + 7 km 200 m

b) 20 m 38 cm – 12 m 46 cm

C.7 There were 210 children going for the picnic, each child has to be given one banana, one orange and five biscuits. 28 children refused to take oranges. How many bananas, oranges and biscuits were distributed in all?

C.8 On 15th May 2006, Mohan went to a shop to buy butter. It was written on the packet “Best before 180 days from the date of packing”. The date of packing was 15/1/2006. Find out –

a) In which month was the butter packed?

b) Which month will it be 180 days after 15/01/2006?

c) Can Mohan eat it on 15th May 2006 ? (yes or no)

C.9 A vegetable seller bought pumpkin at Rs. 14 per kg and sold them for Rs.16 per kg. How much money did he gain after selling 20 kg of Pumpkin?

C.10 A truck can carry 5000 bricks. How many bricks can 8 such trucks carry? 

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