CBSE Class 4 Science Question Paper Set G

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Class – IV


1) The hardest substance in the human body is _______

a) enamel b) Marble c) dentine d) diamond

2) __________ cut like pliers.

a) Canines b) Premolars c) Molars d) Incisors

3) Milk teeth are also called _______ teeth.

a) permanent b) deciduous c) wisdom d) white teeth

4) The part of teeth seen inside the gum is called __________

a) crown b) neck c) root d) cavity

5) __________ is the disease caused by the action of bacteria on hard enamel.

a) Caries b) Pyorrhea c) Gingivitis d) Flurosis

6) There are ________ molars in each jaw.

a) 6 b) 12 c) 8 d) 4

7) Sense organs are controlled by _______________

a) respiratory system b) Nervous system c) circulatory system d) excretory system

8) Which sense organ maintains the balance of our body?

a) Nose b) Ears c) Eyes d) skin

9) ____________ system uses raised dots.

a) Manuscript b) Braille Script c) Calligraphy d) JavaScript

10) The doctor who looks after our teeth is called ______

a) Scientist b) Dentist c) Botanist d) Zoologist

11) Which sense organ helps us to taste?

a) Teeth b) Skin c) Tongue d) Ear

12) Number of milk teeth in human beings is ______

a) 28 b) 20 c) 32 d) 16

13) ___________ makes foul smell in mouth.

a) Tooth decay b) Conjunctivitis c) Skin disease d) None of these

14) Teeth start appearing in a baby at the age of ____

a) 3 years b) 1 year c) 6-8 months d) 2-3 months

15) Outermost layer of the teeth is called _________

a) pulp cavity b) enamel c) dentine d) gum

16) Which mineral is required for good teeth?

a) Potassium b) Calcium c) Sodium d) Zinc

17) What are the last four teeth a person will get?

a) Incisors b) Canines c) Wisdom teeth d) All of these

18) The children of three years have __________

a) milk teeth b) permanent teeth c) no teeth d) wisdom teeth

19) Which sense organ protects the inner parts of the body?

a) Eyes b) Ears c) Nose d) Skin

20) Number of teeth in the upper jaw of an adult is ______.

a) 20 b) 32 c) 16 d) 28

21) Which teeth are used for cutting and tearing food?

a) Molars b) Premolars c) Canine d) Incisors

22) Which part of the teeth is made up of soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels?

a) Crown b) Enamel c) Neck d) Dental Pulp

23) ________ causes cavities in teeth.

a) Protozoa b) Virus c) Fungi d) Bacteria

24) There are ______ sense organs in our body.

a) 2 b) 5 c) 4 d) 6

25) In children there are _____ taste buds.

a) 5,000 b) 20,000 c) 10,000 d) 1,00,000

26) One of the eroding agents in conservation of soil is ______

a) sand b) wind c) minerals d) rocks

27) Groundnut is found in _____ of the plant.

a) shoot b) stem c) branches d) root

28) Plants are green in colour because of _____

a) sunlight b) water c) chlorophyll d) carbon dioxide

29) An insectivorous plant

a) Oak tree b) Pitcher plant c) Rose plant d) Bougainvillea

30) _________ soil has remains of dead plants.

a) sub soil b) top soil c) bedrock d) gravel soil

31) Seeds are produced in ______of a plant.

a) flowers b) shoot c) stem d) root

32) I form a protective cover for the petals during the bud stage. Wo am I ?

a) stamen b) sepals c) stigma d) style

33) _________ is a taproot.

a) Potato b) Ginger c) Cassava d) None of these

34) The soil deposited by the river is called ______

a) top soil b) silt c) clayey soil d) sub soil

35) Growing of trees is called ________

a) afforestation b) deforestation c) manifestation d) none of these

36) Roots above the ground are called ______

a) taproot b) fibrous root c) underground root d) aerial roots

37) Water can pass through __________

a) bed rock b) porous rock c) non porous rock d) solid rock

38) I’m a dust extracted from the stamens of the flower of many plants. Who am I ?

a) Tea dust b) Pistachio c) Cauliflower d) Saffron

39) The uppermost layer of the earth’s crust is _____________

a) water b) land c) soil d) rocks

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