CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Question Paper Set M Solved

Read and download CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Question Paper Set M Solved designed as per the latest question paper pattern and Class 11 examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The past year Question Papers for Class 11 Business Studies have been provided with solutions which will help students to assess their performance and find out topics in Business Studies grade 11 which they need to improve to get better marks in Standard 11 exams. After solving these last year papers also refer to solved Sample Papers for Class 11 Business Studies available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

1 It is a program (a series of commands) which replicates itself on other computer systems. Name it.

2 Differentiate between social and legal responsibility.

3 Define „Partnership‟.

4 How can Public Enterprises improve their performance through Memorandum of Understanding?

5 Why is business considered an economic activity?

6 What is meant by business risk?

7 In which insurance does the element of protection and investment exist?

8 Mathew is an ambitious man. He wants to participate in the affairs of the company. What will he choose amongst the two – preference share or equity share?

9 How much do small industries in India account for the total industrial units?

10 What are the benefits of entering into joint ventures?

11 „The principles of insurance are the rules of action or conduct adopted by the stakeholders involved in the insurance business‟. In light of the above statement, explain any three principles of insurance.

12 Business enterprises are run by human beings whose decisions and actions may not always be in accordance with the expectations of society. “Ethics and Profits go together in the long run.” Explain.

13 Give any three differences between shares and debentures.

14 Amar owns a small farm in which he grows flowers. He is able to earn a small amount of profit, but having an ambitious nature, he wants to take over a neighboring farm and increases the range of flowers he is selling. He is of the view that he will need a long term finance for this purpose and plans to take a bank loan to pay for the takeover. He has already borrowed money to buy a new tractor.

On the basis of the above case, answer the following questions:
(i) What is meant by long-term source of finance?
(ii) Identify and explain a form of internal finance Amar could have used to buy the tractor.

15 Write short notes on the following financial instruments used in international financing.

(a) Global Depository Receipts (GDRs)
(b) American Depository Receipts (ADRs)

16 Explain briefly the social responsibility of business towards different interest groups.

17 Explain the role of NSIC in the development of small scale industries.

18 „Auxiliaries to business activities are indispensable.‟ Discuss.

19 “Social responsibility is about giving back to society”. In light of the above statement, build arguments in favour of social responsibility.

20 List the characteristics of cottage industries.

21 Describe the role of Small Business in India.

22 State the merits and limitations of raising funds through Public Deposits.

23 What is business ethics? Explain the various elements of business ethics.

24 During the incorporation of a company, some documents are to be filed. Explain the documents.

25 What is outsourcing? Discuss the need for outsourcing in today‟s era of competition.

26 Discuss the incentives provided by the Government for industries in backward and hilly areas.

27 State the merits and demerits of retained earnings as a method of business finance.


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