CBSE Class 8 English Modals Worksheet

Download printable English Class 8 Worksheets in pdf format, CBSE Class 8 English Modals Worksheet has been prepared as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Also download free pdf English Class 8 Assignments and practice them daily to get better marks in tests and exams for Grade 8. Free chapter wise worksheets with answers have been designed by Standard 8 teachers as per latest examination pattern

Modals Class 8 English Worksheet Pdf

Class 8 English students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Modals in Grade 8. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 8 English will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Class 8 English Worksheet for Modals



1. Insert the correct modal -verb from the options give in the brackets:
i. The manager _____________________ (can’t/shouldn’t/mustn’t) be on holiday. I’ve just spoken to him on the phone.
ii. You _______________________ (should / could / will) have informed the insurance company immediately after the accident. Now it's too late.
iii. He's not answering the phone; he ___ _____________________ (must/ will/should) be having a shower.
iv. I _____________________ (should /will/can) have paid the parking fee in advance. Now I have to go to court.
v. I________ (will/ must/have to) wait for you if you like. Oh, thanks I_______ (/can’t/mustn’t/ won’t) take long.
vi. Food is not allowed in the auditorium. You_________________ (shouldn’t /needn’t / couldn’t) bring it in.
vii. We __________ (might/should/could) do our duty and leave the reward in the hands of God.
viii) The plane ________________ (was able to/can/will ) take off after the fog had cleared.
II. Choose the appropriate modal from the box and fill in the blanks:
should    might   can    could     have to    must     mustn’t    would     can’t
i) Rita’s flight from Morocco took more than 11 hours. She ___________ be exhausted after such a long flight. She ___________ prefer to stay in tonight and get some rest.
ii) You ___________ research the route a little more before you set sail.
iii) When you have a small child in the house, you ___________ leave small objects lying around.
iv) Anvesha: ‘___________ you hold your breath for more than a minute?’Bunty: ‘No, I_____.’ 
v) I __________________ buy a newspaper .The boss asked me to get one.
vii) I ___________ speak Assamese fluently when I was a child.
viii) ___________________ you like to visit the museum with us?
III. Fill in with appropriate modals with the help of clues given within brackets:
i) ______________I use your pen, please? (formal permission)
ii) You _______________wear a helmet while riding your motorbike. (advice/suggestion)
iii) We ___________ follow the rules of the game. (strong obligation)
iv) I _____________submit my project by tomorrow. (strong obligation)
v) You _________ not talk loudly in the library.(strong prohibition)
IV. There is a missing word in each line of the following passage. Write the missing word and the word before and after.
a) People not ask a writer why he writes his biography people need not
b) They know that every life is important
c) and be made interesting if properly presented.
d) Moreover, we learn a lot if we want to from
e) the life of a simple man. It not necessarily be the
f) life of a great leader that always inspire us.
V. Rearrange the words to form meaningful sentences:
i) shouldn’t/people/their/promises/break
ii) watered/ needn’t/ have /the/as/raining/it/garden/ we/is
iii) the/must/reports/on/desk /the /be/morning/tomorrow/kept/by


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