CBSE Class 6 English Practice Passages

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CBSE CLass 6 English Practice Passages. Learning the important concepts is very important for every student to get better marks in examinations. The concepts should be clear which will help in faster learning. The attached concepts will help the student to understand the chapter and score better marks in the examinations. 

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below. (1x5=5)

Familiar to most people for its medicinal properties, the Neem is recognized by few despite its distinctive, curved leaves and annual profusion of star shaped sweet scented flowers. It is a medium sized or large tree with a straight trunk and evergreen, a native of India, Burma and Sri Lanka.

Young leaves are pale, tender green tinged with rust. These are eaten on New Year days to ward off sickness during the coming year. Some people to whom the tree is sacred, also festoon fresh leaves across their houses when there is an epidemic of chicken pox or to keep evil spirits away when there is a birth or death. Dried leaves put in drawers or cupboards keep out moths and cockroaches. Another use for these ‘magic’ leaves is in poultice from for healing wounds. For the yellow fruit is obtained the famous Margosa oil, so effective in treatment of leprosy and skin diseases, External application of oil from the seed is believed to cure rheumatism. The bark and gum yield valuable medicines. In fact, every part of this tree is of some value.

Neem timber is beautifully mottled, hard and heavy and is used for ship building, cards and furniture. Wood from old trees is so bitter that no insects will attack.

i. The Neem tree is well known mainly for ………………………….

(a) Its medium sized or large tree.

(b) Medicinal properties

(c) Straight trunk.

ii. Its leaves can be recognized by its shape which is like……………………….

(a) Curve of moon

(b) Shape of a heart

(c) The annual profusion of a star and its curves

iii. Some people believe that the leaves of the Neem keep away …………………… and …………………………..

(a) Epidemic of chicken pox and civil spirits at the time of birth or death

(b) Diseases like malaria and cough.

(c) Wild animals and birds

iv. Leprosy and skin diseases can be fought with the help of ………………………….

(a) Its root

(b) Its juice from the leaves

(c) Margosa oil obtained from the yellow fruit.

v. Neem timber is used for building various things such as ……………………..

(a) Buildings and vehicles

(b) Ships, carts and furniture

(c) Paper and pencil

2.Read the passage and answer the questions from the option given below (1x5=5)

Valentine boxes have been made by students in classrooms for many years. They can be done in class or as a home project for the whole family to enjoy. You must first choose a box. Any box will do and you will need an adult to cut a slit in the top of the box to insert valentine cards.You can use paper to cover your box or paint the box. Choose a valentine color that you like. If you decide to paint your box, you will need to let it dry for several hours before decorating.Because wet paint is messy.After you have covered or painted the box, the fun begins!Many children like to draw their completed valentine box on paper before they begin decorating it. It gives you a plan for your box. When your plan is complete, start the decoration. Use any items you have at home to decorate the box or ask a parent to take you to a store to choose items to decorate your box. Make sure it pleases you. It is your box to use on Valentine’s Day to put valentine cards in at school. Have a great time!

(I). What must you do first when making a valentine box?

(a). paint the box (b).choose a box

(c). cut a slit in the top (d). none of these

(ii). Why do many children like to draw their completed valentine box on paper before they begin to decorate?

(a). They like to draw and color. (b). They like to paint.

(c) It gives a plan to work from. (d). All of above.

(iii). Why should you let the paint dry?

(a). Wet paint is messy (b). Paint looks better dry.

(c). People like to paint. (d). none of these.

(iv).The fun begins after you have _____________.

(a). painted the box (b). addressed valentines

(c).covered the box (d). both a and c

(v). Why are Valentine boxes used on Valentine’s Day?

(a). to put homework in (b). to put books in

(c). to put valentine cards in (d). to put pencils in

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