CBSE Class 6 English-Different kinds of school

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CBSE Class 6 English-Different kinds of school. Learning the important concepts is very important for every student to get better marks in examinations. The concepts should be clear which will help in faster learning. The attached concepts will help the student to understand the chapter and score better marks in the examinations. 

Chapter-5 (Different kinds of school) (E. V. Lucas)


This lesson addresses an important social concern for the differently abled.

Sensitise the learner to problems faced by these persons.

Give them the examples of differently abled persons who have reached the heights of success like Stephens Hawking. Helen Keller and Einstein.

Making them aware of being privileged.


Q1 Have you ever heard of another kind of school?

Q2 Do child who is physically challenged?

Q3 What kind of difficulties do he facein his routine?

Q4 Is he sent to a normal school or any special school? Have you visited such school?

Q5 How are such children taught?

Q6 Would you like to do all the routine work using a hand,or aleg or blindfolded only for one day?

Role Play Activity

Through this children will feel the problems of physically challenged and also learn to care for them and appreciate and understand misfortune by experiencing themselves.

Q1) Who was the in charge of “A Different kinds of School?

Ans1) Miss Beam was the in charge of “A Different kinds of School.

Q2) Who were Millie, Peter and Anita in the lesson?

Ans2) Millie was a tall girl. Peter was a gardener and Anita was a girl with curly red hair.

Q3) What subjects were taught at the School?

Ans3) Only Maths and language were taught at the School.

Q4) What did the children learn in the school?

Ans4) Children learnt spelling, adding, subtracting, multiplying and writing.

Q5) How was Miss Beam’s School different from others?

Ans5) Miss Beam‘s system of education was to teach thoughtfulness, kindness and being responsible citizens rather than just different subjects.

Q6) What was the very important theme of the education system of Miss Beam’s School?

Ans6) Each term in the school had one dumb day, one lame day, one deaf day, one injured day and one dumb day. It was to teach the children sharing in misfortune.

Q7)What was the system of education in Miss Beam’s school?

Ans7) Miss Beam’s school taught thoughtfulness and sharing to the students. It did not teach information and thoughts as is done in other schools.

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