CBSE Class 11 English Writing Skills Concepts and Assignments

CBSE important concepts and questions for chapter - Writing Skills in CBSE Class XI English. Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should read these basic concepts and practice the assignments to gain perfection which will help them to get more marks in CBSE examination.

Writing Skills - 20 Marks

WRITING 20 Marks 40 periods

Question 3: One out of two short writing / composition tasks based on notice/ poster/ advertisement. (50 Words) 05 Marks

Question 4: One out of two compositions in the form of article, speech, report writing or a narrative (150 - 200 Words) 08 Marks

Question 5: Writing one out of two letters based on verbal input. It would cover all types of letters.07 Marks

Letter types may include:

(a) business or official letters (for making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for and

giving information, placing orders and sending replies):

(b) letters to the editor (giving suggestions on an issue)

(c) application for a job

(d) letter to the school or colleges authorities, regarding admissions, school issues, requirements /suitability of courses etc. 07 Marks

Short compositions 5marks

Word limit 50

Q.3. one of the two short writing/composition tasks based on notice/poster/advertisement.

Point to remember while drafting short composition.

Information should be brief & to the point

Category of the reader should be taken into account

Simple and formal language should be used

It should be drafted in a box .

Marking scheme

Format – 1 (notice/title, date, and writer’s name with designation)

Content – 2

Expression – 2

Examples of short composition



Issuing organization in capitals

State nature of announcement in capital

Date of the notice

Caption in capitals

Message is informative and concise, in words and numbers

Authority responsible for the notice, with designation be written

Example 1

HAPPY VALLEY SCHOOL_______________1



10th Jan 2012_____________3


The Drama club proposes to stage Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ as part of its Literary Week Celebration in April. Young aspirants are requested to submit their names to Malathi Arora, on or before 20th March for selection and audition. Venue and date will be intimated later._____5



Example 2:

On behalf of the Vice-Principal of your school write a notice regarding implementation of new school uniform in your school. Mention the given guidelines for purchasing new uniform and relaxation given to students of some classes. Write the notice in not more than 50 words.

Questions for Practice

1. Being the Cultural Secretary of your school write a notice for your school notice board for the Investiture Ceremony of the newly appointed members of the Students’ Council. Invent other details like the Chief Guest, timings, date, schedule, etc. Write in not more than 50 words.

2. Literary Club of your school is going to organize a Literary Meet at cluster level. Write a notice in about 50 words being the Secretary of the Literary Club of your school inviting students from higher classes for being volunteers. Invent other details


Types of advertisement

1. Classified 2. Commercial

Classified Advertisements

Brevity is the principle in this form of advertisement as the publisher charges for each word published. Hence efficient use of apt words is solicited. Its ingredients are the purpose, requirement/need, criteria and qualification, expectations, offering, contact number and address.

Examples for the same are matrimonial, wanted, to let, on rent, property sale/purchase, job ads etc.

Examples of classified.

Situation Vacant/wanted.

Lost and found

Sale and purchase

Accommodation wanted


Placement services


To-let/for sale

Travels and Tours

Commercial/ display advertisements :

Designed for commercial purposes,

Attractive with visuals,

Catchy phrases and slogans

Present the matter in a box.


Essential details: No block no design and language to be simple formal and to the Point. Begin with wanted or Required, name of the company post, age, sex, qualification experience, pay scale, mode of applying, contact address and phone no.


A First class graduate in commerce seeks a suitable job in a reputed firm or a banking institution to work as an accountant in and around Delhi, Well travelled, having faith in synergy. Creative with practical experience in accountancy. Flare in English and computer operating. Salary expected negotiable. Contact Sriprakash 1-2A Ajitnagar, Ambala cantt 130001

II. To let/ For Sale

Value points: begin with for Sale/ to let, accommodation/Vehicle/Household item, Physical description, negotiable rent/price,contact.

To let/ For Sale

(Flat/ House/ Bungalow)


Available on rent/ for immediate sale DDA Flat/ 2 BHK/ BHK, II ground floor, two modular kitchen, full interiors, lobby, balcony, fully furnished, well ventilated, car parking available, walking distance from market, large landscaped area, large playground, Resident’s club, multi gym, swimming pool, community hall, Banquet Hall, Children’s playing area, Basketball court, tennis court, amphitheatre, Indoor game, Rent Negotiable/ Price negotiable. Contact Sri Prakash A 21, Ashok Vihar, 27210012

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