CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Bank Reconciliation Statement Assignment

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Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement as on 31.12.2006

1. Debit balance as per Cash Book Rs.12,000

2. Cheques paid into bank Rs.8,000, but out of these only cheques of Rs.6,500 were credited by bank up to 31.12.06.

3. Cheques drawn of Rs.9,200 but out of these only cheques of Rs.7,200 were presented for payment up to 31.12.06.

4. The receipt column of the cash book has been under cast byRs.200.

5. Interest on investment credited in pass book only Rs.330.

6. Cheques amounting to Rs.7,200 issued on 28th Dec, of which one cheque of Rs.1,300was presented in the bank on 4th Jan.

7. Life Insurance Premium of Rs.750 paid by bank as per customer’s standing instruction.

8. Bank charges debited by bank Rs.25.

9. Cheques deposited into bank for Rs.10,000, but of these cheques of Rs.4,000 were credited in January.

10. A customer directly paid into bank Rs.2,000.

11. A cheque of Rs.1,100 was returned dishonoured by bank, but advice of it received on 3rd January.

12. Amount wrongly credited by bank Rs.1,400.
13. A bill of Rs.2,000 was retired by the bank under a rebate of Rs.30 but the full amount of the bill was credited in the bank column of the cash book.
14. A cheque of Rs.1,200 has been debited in the cash book, but it was not sent to bank at all.
15. A bill receivable of Rs.600 discounted with bank dishonoured on 31st Dec, but not yet recorded in the cash book.
16. One outgoing cheque of Rs.900 was recorded twice in the cash book;
17. Incidental charges debited by pass book, not recorded in the cash book Rs.80.
18. The bank erroneously debited customer account for a cheque of Rs.1,700.
19. Bank charges of Rs.200 were entered twice in cash book.
20. Payment side of the cash book has been under cast by Rs.300.
Important Questions for NCERT Class 11 Accountancy Bank Reconciliation Statement 


Question Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared so that the difference between the undermentioned balances can be reconciled:
(a) Difference in the balance in the bank and the cash balance.
(b) Difference in the balances in the Pass Book in the beginning and at the end.
(c) Difference in the Pass Book and Cash Book balances.
(d) None of the above.

Answer :  C

Question Pass Book of the account holder is a copy of
(a) the bank columns in the Cash Book of the account holder.
(b) the relevant account in the books of a bank.
(c) the cash columns in the Cash Book of a customer.
(d) None of the above.

Answer :  B

Question Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared
(a) to know the payments made through cheques.
(b) to know the errors in the Pass Book.
(c) to compare the Cash Book with Pass Book and ascertain the differences.
(d) None of the above.

Answer :  C

Question Bank Reconciliation Statement is
(a) a part of Double Entry System.
(b) not a part of Double Entry System,
(c) part of Bank Statement.
(d) None of these.

Answer :  B

Question Balance shown in the Balance Sheet is of
(a) Cash Book.
(b) Pass Book.
(c) Adjusted Cash Book.
(d) None of these.

Answer :  C

Question Debit balance in the Cash Book is equivalent to
(a) Overdraft as per Pass Book.
(b) Credit balance as per Pass Book,
(c) Overdraft as per Cash Book.
(d) None of these.

Answer :  B

Question Which of the following will not require adjustment in the Cash Book balance?
(a) Cheque issued but not presented for payment.
(b) Cheque deposited but not cleared.
(c) Cheque wrongly credited by bank.
(d) All of the above.

Answer :  C

Question Mohan’s bank reconciliation statement shows cheques deposited but not credited by bank of Rs. 3,800 and cheques issued but not presented by suppliers of Rs. 3,500. His bank balance as per Cash Book is Rs. 25,000. Balance as per pass book statement is
(a) Rs. 25,000.
(b) Rs. 24,700.
(c) Rs. 25,300.
(d) Rs. 32,300.

Answer :  B

Question If balance in the bank statement shows Rs. 3,000 (Dr.) and there are deposits of Rs. 800 not yet credited and unpresented cheques totalling Rs. 500, the balance in the Cash Book should be
(a) Rs. 3,300 (Cr.).
(b) Rs. 2,700 (Cr.).
(c) Rs. 4,300 (Cr.).
(d) Rs. 1,700 (Dr.).

Answer :  B

Question Following details are related to a firm’s banking transactions at 31st March, 2019. Balance as per bank statement Rs. 22,650; uncleared lodgements Rs. 3,110; unpresented cheques Rs. 6,290. Bank credit recorded twice by bank in error as Rs. 650.
Which balance for cash at bank should appear in the Balance Sheet as at 31st March, 2019?
(a) Rs. 18,820.
(b) Rs. 20,120.
(c) Rs. 25,180.
(d) Rs. 26,480.

Answer :  A

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