CBSE Class 10 Painting Syllabus 2019 2020

CBSE Class 10 Painting Syllabus 2019 2020. Download the latest syllabus for 2019 2020 released by CBSE to do your studies as per the latest guidelines issued by CBSE NCERT. The syllabus, weightage of chapters, blue print of question papers and the design of question papers is issued every year for the benefit of students. Access and download syllabus for all subjects here.


Class – X


UNIT- I : Fundamentals of Painting

(The Elements and Principals of Visual Art)

UNIT-II : Methods and Materials of Painting

Understanding and appropriate use of

i. Tools

ii. Painting Materials - Poster Colours, Water Colours, Oil Pastels and Pencil

iii. Transparent and Opaque colours and techniques.

UNIT-III: Areas of Drawing and Painting:

i. Sketching from Nature and Imagination

ii. Still Life and

iii. Painting composition. Story of Indian Art covering painting, sculpture and architectural glimpses.


External Assessment Final Practical:

Painting Composition;

Painting from Memory - Simple composition in water/poster/pastel colours on given subjects based on sketching from life and nature. It may also be in abstract/ emiabstract/ folk art forms.

(a) Compositional-arrangement with due emphasis on the subject-matter.

(b) Treatment of medium with an appropriate colour scheme and technique.

(c) Originality of the form and content .

(d) Clarity of expression and overall impact.

Internal Assessment : It includes

i. Periodic Tests -there will be three periodic tests in a year, out which the best two will be assessed.

ii. Project work -Portfolio will consist of 10 best work of colour sketches, painting compositions in water colors, poster colors, oil pastels and in pencil colors done during the year.

Suggested Teaching Learning Strategies :

i. Starting with simple composition based on nature such as landscapes, seascapes, compositions to show seasons, moods of nature etc. from life or from imagination. Students should be exposed to relevant work of art by masters.

ii. Figurative and abstract compositions from imagination of ones own experiences

iii. Compositions based on any one folk painting style of India.

iv. Encourage students to explore regional methods and materials of painting, wall paintings, murals etc).

v. Field visits to Art Galleries, Museum(s), National Bal Bhawan /similar institutions, Artist studios, Artisan workshops etc.

vi. Teacher must tell story of Indian Art in a story telling manner. This can also be audio/video recorded and shared with students.

vii. Display of reproductions of master’s work in school corridors.

viii. Organise interactions with Artists and Artisans in the school and otherwise.

ix. Sketches from Life and Nature in pencil and ink should be encouraged as a routine.

x. Protect work can be given in a team of two for better results. Some ideas for the project can be; collection of ‘Images of heritage crafts of my state’, ‘Types of trees flora and fauna found in my village/town/city’, ‘Celebration of festivals’, ‘Games we like to play’, ‘Historical Sites’etc. Project can consist of 5 compositions on the selected topic.

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