CBSE Class 3 Science Sample Paper Set D

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CBSE Class 3 Science Sample Paper Set D. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

Q.1 Choose the correct option-

1. Which of the following animal gives birth to young ones?

a) Hen b) Rat c) Snake d) Sparrow

2. Identify the natural fibre among the following

a)Nylon b) Rayon c) Polyester d) Jute

3. Which of the following is a herbivore?

a) Bear b) Tiger c) Cat d) Horse

4. The solid form of water is ________________.

a) Smoke b) Vapour c) Ice d) Milk

5. Moving air is known as ____________.

a) Cloud b) Breeze c) Wind d) Flood

6.Plants use this gas to prepare food

a)Oxygen b) Nitrogen c) Dust d) Carbon dioxide

7. Which of the following is a non-luminous object?

a) Star b) Moon c) Lamp d) Bulb

8. Which of the following sound is pleasant?

a) Honking of a car b) Loud speaker c) Musical instrument d) Crying baby

9. Which of the following is the largest planet?

a) Mercury b) Venus c) Earth d) Jupiter

10. ________________ is the natural source of light.

a) Bulb b) Sun c) Tube light d) Candle

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