CBSE Class 3 Science Sample Paper Set A

CBSE Class 3 Science Sample Paper Set A. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

Q1. Choose the correct option

i)Which of the following cannot reproduce?

a) Train     b) Mango tree      c) Bird       d) Rose plant

a) Train

ii) Which of the following does not have many seeds?

a) Papaya         b) Pomegranate     c) Cherry       d) Watermelon

c) Cherry

iii)The part of the plant which is above the ground is called

a)Root          b)Shoot        c)Fruit      d) Flower

b) Shoot

iv) Cow is a _________________.

a)Herbivore          b) Carnivore        c) Omnivore       d) Rodent

a) Herbivore

v) Cotton is a _______________ fibre.

a)Plant        b) Synthetic          c)Animal      d) Man made

a) Plant

vi) We should throw wastes in the

a)drains      b) school playground         c) dustbin       d) in front of our neighbour’s house

 c) dustbin 

vii) Which of the following, should be applied to cuts and bruises?

a)Toothpaste         b) An antiseptic         c) Oil     d) Milk

b) An antiseptic

viii) Which of the following is not kept in a first aid box?

a) Bandage     b) cotton        c) thermometer       d) perfume

d) perfume

ix) The __________ is the closest neighbour of our Earth.

a)Neptune         b)Pluto       c)Moon      d)Mercury


x) There are ______planets in our Solar System

a) 6      b)8        c)9         d)7


Q2. Give a scientific term for the followinga)

1. The process of taking in airb)

2 The green colored substance in a leafc)

3. Flesh eating animalsd)

4. A type of medicine that kills germse)

5. A fixed path on which the planet moves-

1 Breathing

2. Chlorophyll

3. Carnivores

4. -Antiseptic

5. -Orbit

Q3. Define.

a. Stomata

b. Synthetic Fibres

c. First aid

d. Planet

Q4. Give reason.

a) The flower is an important part of a plant.

1As it attracts the insects/as it develops into a fruit.

b) Rabbits can eat the hard nuts easily.

2As it is a gnawing animal/as it has sharp front teeth/ a rodent.

c) We wear cotton clothes in summer.

As they keep our body cool /as they absorb sweat.

d) We should not touch electrical things with wet hands.

4 As it causes electric shock.

e) The planets appear bright even though they do not have their own light.

5 As they reflect the light of the sun/ Sun gives them light.

Q5 Correct the given statements and rewrite them.

a. The bud is called the kitchen of the plant.

The leaf is called the kitchen of the plant

b. An elephant uses its teeth to suck in water.

2.An elephant uses its trunk to suck in water

c. We get silk from sheep.

3.We get wool from sheep.

d. A star moves around a planet.

4A satellite moves around a planet / A planet moves around a star.

e. We should always cross the road at railway crossing.

5. We should always cross the road at zebra crossing.

Q6 Answer the following questions in short- (2 marks each) 22

a. How do animals reproduce?

Laying eggs

)And by giving birth to young ones.

b. Write any one difference between tap root and a fibrous root. Write one example of each.

2Tap root-

1 One long main root arises from the end of stem.

eg carrot, radish

Fibrous root

1 Many roots arise from the base of stem

Eg.Onion ,wheat, grass

c. Write any two uses of a stem.

1 It holds the plant upright./

2 It bears branches, flowers ,fruits etc./

3 It carries water and minerals to other parts of plants./

4. Storage of food as in ginger potato etc.

d. Gangu Ram uses his donkey to carry very heavy loads from his village to the city to earn money, and also beats him sometimes. But his wife tells him not to do so. Can you tell why?

4 because we should not be cruel to animals /as they help us in many ways.

e. Write any two qualities of a good house.

1 A house should be well lit.

2 Should be airy.

3Should have open areas.

4 Should have wire netting.

f. Sheetal observed many mosquitoes and flies in her society. What can be the reason for this? How can we prevent mosquitoes from entering the house?

a)Dirty surroundings/uncovered drains.

b) The houses should have wire nettings.

g. What should you do in case of an earthquake?

• We should keep a book over our head duck under a table/stand in the corner of a

• room and move in the open spaces after tremors stop.

h. Write any two safety rules you should follow if there is a gas leakage in your house.

a)We should open all the doors and windows.

b) Do not touch any electrical switch.

i. Describe the surface of the Moon.

a)It has mountains and craters

b)It has no air

j. What are constellations? Give two examples.

The groups of stars which form apattern in the sky are called constellations Eg.Orion,Great Bear etc.

k. What can you see in the picture below? What safety rule should you follow in the given situation?

1. Thunder and lightning

2. Do not go near the doors and windows , metal poles/ or tall objects like trees and tall buildings

CBSE Class 3 Science Sample Paper Set A

Q.7 Answer in detail. (3 marks each) 9

a) What do you mean by germination? Ishika kept a few seeds in the fridge. Will the seeds grow into a new plant? Why do you think so?

Ans. The process by which a baby plant grows from a seed is called germination. No, they will not grow because the seed did not get air, water and sunlight to grow.

b) What kind of clothes do we wear in the rainy season? Draw and name any two things you use to keep yourself dry in this season.

We should wear waterproof clothes in the rainy season.

c) How are phases of the Moon formed? Identify the following main phases of the Moon and write their names.

CBSE Class 3 Science Sample Paper Set A






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