CBSE Class 5 Mathematics Sample Paper Set Y

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Q1.. Tick the correct answer . 

a) When any whole number (other than I) is written as a fraction, the is equal to 1

(1.) numerator      (ii) denominator     (iil) fraction      (iv) none of these

b) The decimal number five thousandths has __ decimal places

(ii) 0      (ii) 1        (iii) 2          (iv) 3

c) The place value of 9 in 78.695 is -------

(i) 100      (ii)1/100     (iii)-9/100      (iv) 9

d) 8.95 times 100 = _______________

(i) 895       (ii) 89.5        (iii) 8.95     (iv) 8950

e) ____________________one fourths make a whole.

(i) 1/4        (ii) 4             (iii) 16       (iv) 1/16

(f)_________multiplied by 5/2 gives the product as 5


(i) 2          (ii) 5/2           (iii) 1         (iv) 5-

Q2. Answer the following questions : 

(a) Express 3/4 as a percentage.

(b) Express 4.9 % as a decimal.

(c) Convert 75% as a fraction in lowest terms .

(d) Convert 0.2 into percent ~

Q3. (a) Find 5 % of Rs.400.

(b) What percent is 64cm, of 8m? 

Q4;. Solve the following -( Write the statements where needed) : 

(a) A video game (want to buy costs Rs 526.75 How much amount should I save every week for 7 weeks ,to make up the amount?

(b) Rita scored 560 marks out of 800. Calculate the percentage of her marks.

(c) Find the quotient: 5 /8

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