CBSE Class 5 Mathematics Sample Paper Set X

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i.Fill in the blanks: . 

a) lcrore=____________________________millions

b] The difference between the place-value and face value of 7 in 5274089is _

c) The smallest 8-digit number formed using each of the digits 8,5,0,3, 1, 2, 9,7 only once is___________

d) _______________is the predecessor of 32,11,79,000.

e] The place 1000 times smaller than millions is_____________

f) 79,099,990 is the successor of__________________________ 

ii(a) Write the number name in words for 206,016,001.


  (b) Write the expanded form for 9891.1080. 


  (c) Write the following numbers in descending order(show the sign): 

880110900 ,    88001190 ,     881100900 ,     880099110


d (1) Write the numeral for:

(i) Nine hundred one million ten thousand ninety. __________________________

(ii) 8 crores + 5 lakhs + 2 ten thousands + 9 hundreds +7 Ones =_____________

III(a) Round off the following :

(i) 92499 to the nearest thousand._________________

(ii) 1608 to the nearest hundred.___________________

( b) Which numbers can be rounded onto:

(i) 7100_______________________________________

(ii) 500________________________________________


IV Put a tick (\,/) mark on the correct answer for the following: 

(i) The greatest factor of 100 is

(a) 1      (b) 100      (c) 10      (d) 1000

(ii) The fourth multiple of 16 is

(a) 4      (b) 16       (c) 1          (d) 64

(iii) The numbers having only two factors are called as

(a) Prime       (b) co-prime       (c) even       (d) composite

(iv) The first common multiple of 4 and 5 is

(a) 1           (b) 10             (c) 20       (d) 40

(v) A number that is divisible by all three numbers, that is, 2, 5 and 10 is

(a) 255       (b) 220            (c) 102      (d) 5122

(vi) A number that is divisible by 2 and by 4..

(a) 902       (b) 2222          (c) 422      (d) 7700

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 5 Mathematics Sample Paper Set X.


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