CBSE Class 5 EVS Sample Paper Set R

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Give reasons  for the following

(a)Why we should always breathe from our nose and not from our mouth?



(b)why do we breathe faster after some kind of physical activity?



(c)why does coal burn further when we blow on it instead of dying out?



Q2. Fill in the blanks.

a._____________________is used by the dentist to polish teeth. 

b. Rocks are made up of _______________________

c._____________________is a type of sedimentary rock which is used to make tiles and bricks.

d. Remains of dead plants and animals found in sedimentary rocks________________________

e. _____________________ is a metamorphic rock used to make roofs of buildings.

f. This rock bas light and dark bands of different colours__________________________________

g. A____________________ from which metals can be easily extacted is called an

h. Very hard minerals, found in the form of crystals are called_____________________________ are some examples of it used in making 

i. Coall and petroleum are_____________________________ rocks. 

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