CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Sample Paper Set J

Read and download PDF of CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Sample Paper Set J designed as per the latest curriculum and examination pattern for Class 9 issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The latest Class 9 Computer Science Sample Papers have been provided with solutions so that the students can solve these practice papers and then compare their answers. This will help them to identify mistakes and improvement areas in Computer Science Standard 9 which they need to study more to get better marks in Grade 9 exams. After solving these guess papers also refer to solved Class 9 Computer Science Question Papers available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

Sample Paper for Class 9 Computer Science Pdf

Students can refer to the below Class 9 Computer Science Sample Paper designed to help students understand the pattern of questions that will be asked in Grade 9 exams. Please download CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Sample Paper Set J

Computer Science Class 9 Sample Paper

CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Sample Paper Set J.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on summative assessment1 and summative assessment 2 pattern. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students. 

Filling the blanks:

1. The analytical engine was designed by …………….

2. Drum printer is type of …………….. printer.

3. FSF stands for ………………..

4. You can select multiple files and folders by selecting ………… key.

5. MS word automatically marks possible spelling errors with a wavy ……. underline.

6. …………….. refers to arranging data in a specific orders.

7. The ……………….. view display the slide on the full computer screen.

8. Rehearse timing option is found in ………….menu.

9. Ctrl+ z is used to ……………….. an action.

10. A …………… charts plot data on concentric circles.

Short answer type questions. 

1. Name the first electronic digital computer.

2. How computers are used in business and education?

3. What is freeware? Give an example.

4. Describe the procedure of renaming a file or folder.

5. What are headers and footers?

6. What are bullets?

7. Name the different methods of creating a new power point presentation.

8. What would you do display the page set up dialogue box?

9. Name any two ways by which you can change the cell’s content.

10.What is the difference between a column chart and a bar chart?

Answer the following in long. 

1. Explain the term presentation slide and speaker notes.

2. What is the advantage of adding sound, movies and animation to the presentation? Practical 

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