CBSE Class 7 Computer Science Sample Paper Set N

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CBSE Class 7 Computer Science Sample Paper Set N.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on summative assessment1 and summative assessment 2 pattern. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students.

Q-1 Fill in the blanks: 1*10=10

1. ____________ is the intersection of a row and a column.

2. ______________ menu is used to insert a row in the worksheet.

3. _______________ function is used to capitalize the text.

4. Text can be rotated in a cell under __________ tab of the format cells dialog box.

5. ________________ is a collection of continuous data like numbers, date etc.

6. A group of neighboring cells is known as ___________ of cells.

7. _______________ is the shortcut key to move to the end of a row.

8. _________________ and ______________ are the two types of alignment.

9. ____________________ is the cell where the cursor is placed and has a thick border around it.

10. _________________ function removes extra spaces from the text.

Q-2 Find the output of the following functions: - 1*8=8



3. =PROPER(“are u there?”)

4. =TRIM(“YAA HOO !!! “)


6. =UPPER(“Akshar DHAM Temple”)

7. =LOWER(“ASTRO physics”)

8. =PROPER(“mr. ravi kumar”)

Q-3 Explain the following terms with an example:- 5*2=10

1. Alignment

2. Text Functions

3. Drag and drop method

4. Series

5. Cell Address

Q-4 Write the address of the following cells:- 1*6=6

1. 2nd Column and 8th Row.

2. Last Column and First row.

3. 28th Column and 4th Row.

4. 14th Column and 14th Row.

5. First Column and Second Row.

6. 12th Column and 5th Row. 

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