NCERT Solutions Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1 Political Theory An Introduction

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NCERT Solutions Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1 Political Theory An Introduction

Q1. Which of the following statements are true/false about political theory?
a. It discusses ideas that form the basis of political institutions.
b. It explains the relationship between different religions.
c. It explains the meaning of concepts like equality and freedom.
d. It predicts the performance of political parties

 a.  True
 b. False
 c. True
 d. False

Q2. Politics is more than what politicians do. Do you agree with this statement? Give examples.


• Politics is more than what politicians do. According to David Easton, Politics is the study of authoritative allocation of values as it is influenced by the distribution and use of power. Politics is  primarily concerned with power, influence, leadership, conflicts, cooperation, etc.
• Politicians as a part of government are involved in politics but politics is not limited to their activities.Politics involves number of various negotiations that go on in society through which collective decisions are made.
• It involves the actions of government and its relation to the aspirations of the people.
• It involves the struggle of people and its influence on decision making.
• People are engaged in political activity whenever they negotiate with each other and participate in collective activities that are designed to promote social development and resolve common problems.
• For example, residents of localities form associations (resident welfare association) to solve their common problems and raise these issues at higher level.
• Students in colleges and universities form unions to debate and resolve issues.
• Thus, politics is involved in the sphere of life that is related to power, collective decision-making and solving common problems.

Q3. Vigilant citizens are must for the successful working of a democracy. Comment.

Answer 3:

• They encounter the corrupt actions of their representative and democratic governments as they are active in politics.
• They form public opinions by forming associations, public meeting, etc. against the malpractices done  by the politicians, i.e. defection, false commitments to people, to look after only their own individual or family members’ interest.
• They keep a check on wrong policies issued by the government and corruptions which endanger people’s lives and security well.
• They can organise the campaign also to negotiate the interests of particular groups and demonstrations to persuade the governments to change the laws if required.
• They aspire to create a better society by debating the actions of their representatives.

Q4. In what ways is the study of political theory useful for us? Identify four ways in which the political theory can be useful to us.

Answer 4:
A theory is described as one that enables us to organise our knowledge, orient our research and interpret our findings. As a science; The following functions of political theory has been propounded by David Easton as a science:
1. A political theory ensures analytical scheme which renders research meaningful and describes the mutual relations of political variables.
2. The comparative studies of various researches verify the conclusions and reveal the areas to be required more empirical work.
3. A relative consistent concept makes research more reliable.

As a social and natural entity:
In the words of Wright and Mills:
1. It is an ideology of justified practices to make criticisms and to determine policies.
2. It prepares goals and guidelines for aspirations and policies made at various levels of ideals.
3. It assumes the formation of society and conflicts to be arisen in the society as well as solutions to the particular conflicts.

Q5. Do you think that a good/convincing argument can compel others to listen to you?

Answer 5:

1.Yes, I agree that a good argument can compel others to listen to you?
2. Everyone who is rational always takes interest in debates, conversation or interactions to reach at a better conclusion.
3. Every individual is impressed with the logic and rational points to be agreed convinced upon.
4. In a positive manner or debate, even people participate to make their doubts clear and get convinced.

Q6. Do you think studying political theory is studying mathematics. Give reasons for your answer.

Answer 6:

1.Studying political theory is not like studying mathematics because mathematics can have specific definitions of any shape like triangles, squares or particular areas which may be applicable as per terms.
2. On the contrary political theory deals with the needs and aspirations of the people and states that may have different opinions on different issues to be encountered to develop harmonious relations.


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