NCERT Solutions Class 11 Accountancy Chapter 7 Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves

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NCERT Solutions class 11 Accountancy Chapter 7 Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves. NCERT book for Accountancy in class 11 is strongly recommened by teachers and the CBSE and NCERT boards. Please download the NCERT solutions for class 11 Accountancy free in PDF made by teachers of the best schools in India. These solutions are carefully compiled to give detailed understanding of the concepts and also steps of solutions. The NCERT solutions are free to download in pdf format. Please refer to the download link below to download the pdf file and also refer to other chapters and subjects to get the solutions to Accounts NCERT book questions and exercises.

Q1. What is ‘Depreciation’?

Solution: Depreciation means fall in book value of depreciable fixed asset because of

1. wear and tear of the asset

2. passage/efflux of time

3. obsolescence

4. accident A machinery costing ₹ 1,00,000 and its useful life is 10 years; so, depreciation is calculated as: Annual Depreciation per annum = Cost of Asset-Estimated Scrap Value/Expected or Estimated life of Asset = 100000/10 = ₹ 10,000

Q2. State briefly the need for providing depreciation.

Solution: The needs for providing depreciation are given below.

1. To ascertain the correct profit or loss: Correct profit or loss can be ascertained when all the expenses and losses incurred for earning revenues are charged to Profit and Loss Account. Assets are used for earning revenues and its cost is charged in form of depreciation from Profit and Loss Account.

2. To show true and fair view of financial statements: If depreciation is not charged, assets will be shown at higher value than their actual value in the balance sheet. Consequently, the balance sheet will not reflect true and fair view of financial statements.

3. For ascertaining the accurate cost of production: Depreciation on the assets, which are engaged in production, is included in the cost of production. If depreciation is not charged, the cost of production is underestimated, which will lead to low selling price and thus leads to low profit.

4. To provide funds for replacement of assets: Unlike other expenses, depreciation is non cash expense. So, the amount of depreciation debited to the profit and loss account will be retained in the business. These funds will be available for replacement of fixed assets when its useful life ends.

5. To meet the legal requirement: To comply with the provisions of the Companies Act and Income Tax Act, it is necessary to charge depreciation.

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