CBSE Class 5 Mathematics Volume MCQs

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MCQ for Class 5 Mathematics Volume

Class 5 Mathematics students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for Volume in Class 5. These MCQ questions with answers for Class 5 Mathematics will come in exams and help you to score good marks

Volume MCQ Questions Class 5 Mathematics with Answers

Question: The volume of a 1cm cube is

a) 1cm3

b) 11cm3

c) 3cm

Answer: 1cm3


Question: Find the length of a cuboid whose volume is 120cm3 breadth is 6cm and height is 5cm

a) 4cm

b) 2cm

c) 6cm

Answer: 4cm


Question: The amount of space a solid occupies is called

a) volume

b) length

c) area

Answer: volume


Question: Find the length of one edge of a cube whose volume is 27cm3

a) 3cm

b) 9cm

c) 6cm

Answer: 3cm


Question: A rectangular tank measures 2m by 3m by 4m and is full of water. What is its capacity in litres?

a) 24000 L

b) 1200 L

c) 24 L

Answer: 24000 L


Question: 725 mL = ________ cubic centimeters

a) 725

b) 72500

c) 7.25

Answer: 725


Question: 4L = ________ cubic centimeters

a) 4000

b) 400

c) 4

Answer: 4000


Question: Find the length of a cuboid of breadth 2cm, height 7cm and volume 84cm3.

a) 6cm

b) 4cm

c) 3cm

Answer: 6cm


Question: How many cubes of edge 6cm will fill up a box 15cm long, 18cm wide and 24cm high?

a) 30

b) 60

c) 15

Answer: 30


Question: A fish tank 45cm by 10cm by 20cm is full of water. How many litres of water is there in the fish tank?

a) 9 L

b) 90 L

c) 900 L

Answer: 9 L


Question: Find the volume of a cuboid which is 9cm × 4cm × 5cm.

a) 180cm3

b) 1.8cm3

c) 18cm2

Answer: 180cm3


Question: 7000cm3 = _________ L

a) 7

b) 70

c) 0.7

Answer: 7


Question: 450cm3 = ________ mL

a) 450

b) 45

c) 4.5

Answer: 450


Question: Find the volume of the with edge 6cm.

a) 216cm3

b) 216cm2

c) 36cm3

Answer: 216cm3


Question: Find the volume of the cube with edge 1.2cm

a) 1.728cm3

b) 17.28cm3

c) 10728cm3

Answer: 1.728cm3


Question: Find the volume of the cube with edge 70m.

a) 343000m3

b) 343m3

c) 34300m3

Answer: 343000m3


Question: A box has a base of area 136cm2, Its height is 2.5cm. What is the volume of the box?

a) 340cm3

b) 345cm3

c) 340cm2

Answer: 340cm3


Question: Find the volume of the tank with height = 4m, length = 5m, breadth = 6m

a) 120m3

b) 1200m3

c) 12cm3

Answer: 120m3


Question: The volume of a cuboid is 100cm3 and the area of its base is 20cm2. What is the height of cuboid?

a) 5cm

b) 5cm2

c) 5cm3

Answer: 5cm


Question: Find the volume of the cuboid whose height = 0.16m, length = 0.25m, width = 0.2m

a) 0.008m3

b) 8m3

c) 8m2

Answer: 0.008m3


Question: A container in the shape of a cube has sides one metre long. Calculate its capacity in cubic centimeter

a) 1000000cm3

b) 100000cm3

c) 10000cm3

Answer: 1000000cm3


Question: 25080cm3 =

a) 25L 80mL

b) 20L 80mL

c) 20L 85mL

Answer: 25L 80mL


Question: The volume of a rectangular box (cuboid) =

a) l × b × h

b) l × b

c) Both

Answer: l × b × h


Question: Unit of volume =

a) m3

b) cm2

c) m2

Answer: m3


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CBSE Class 5 Mathematics Volume MCQs

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