CBSE Class 10 Computer Science Introduction to Calc MCQs

CBSE Class 10 Computer Science Introduction to Calc MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 10 Computers with answers have been prepared as per the latest 2021 syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 10 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions for important part of exams for Grade 10 Computers and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter wise MCQs for NCERT Class 10 Computers and also download more latest study material for all subjects

(1) Which of the following program is a example of OpenOffice suit ?

(A) Calc (B) Write (C) Publisher (D) Excel

(2) Which type of program is Calc ?

(A) Word processor (B) Spreadsheet (C) Presentation (D) Database

(3) What is Spreadsheet ?

(A) Document (B) Slide (C) Software package (D) Table

(4) Which program is used for fast and accurate calculations as well as formatting of data in a document ?

(A) Calc (B) Base (C) Writer (D) Impress

(5) Which type of calculation done by Calc ?

(A) Fast (B) Accurate (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

(6) Which type of activities that can be done through Calc ?

(A) Financial Statement and statement of account (B) Preparing document

(C) Statistical and scientifically data analysis : (D) All of these

(7) Calc is capable for which of the following ?

(A) Store data (B) Manipulate data

(C) Create graphical representation of data (D) All of these

(8) How does spreadsheet represent its information ?

(A) Line (B) Pixel (C) Vector (D) None of these

(9) In which format, spreadsheet gives permission for entering the data in it ?

(A) Horizontal (B) Vertical (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

(10) What is called horizontal row in a spreadsheet ?

(A) Colum (B) row (C) Cell (D) Sheet

(11) What is called vertical row in a spreadsheet ?

(A) Column (B) Row (C) Cell (D) Sheet

(12) For analysis and calculations of data, what is called the area of vertical and horizontal rows ?

(A) Column (B) Row (C) Cell (D) Sheet

(13) Which type of facilities does spreadsheet gives to make the work easy ?

(A) To add data (B) Formatting (C) To add formula (D) All of these

(14) Which type of formulas and functions are present in spreadsheet ?

(A) Mathematical (B) Financial (C) Statistical, logical (D)All of these

(15) What is the main purpose of workbook ?

(A) To format collection of spreadsheet (B) To insert collection of spreadsheet

(C) To enter collection of spreadsheet (D) To manage collection of spreadsheet

(16) What is included in Calc to prepare result analysis and merit list preparation ?

(A) Calculating result (B) Sorting on result

(C) Filtering on result (D) All of these

(17) What is called to arrange data in order ?

(A) Sorting (B) Inserting (C) Filtering (D) Deleting

(18) What is called to filter data ?

(A) Sorting (B) Inserting (C) Filtering (D) Deleting

(19) which is included in statistical data analysis?

(A) Mean (B) Median (C) Probability (D) All of these

(20) How many spreadsheets are there by default ?

(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

(21) "Worksheet can be added or removed as per requirement". Choose the correct option.

(A) True (B) False (C) Can't say (D) None of these

(22) How many maximum worksheet in spreadsheet document ?

(A) 3 (B) 24 (C) 256 (D) 65536

(23) Which are included in Calc program ?

(A) Title bar, Menu bar (B) Standard toolbar, Formatting toolbar, Formula bar

(C) Horizontal row, Vertical column, cell (D) All of these

(24) Which menu available in Calc menu bar ?

(A) File, Edit, View (B) Insert, Format, Tools

(C) Data, Window, Help (D) All of these

(25) Before printing we see the document on screen, what is called this process ?

(A) Print View (B) Print Preview (C) Print Screen (D) Print Document

(26) From the following, which options are available in Edit menu ?

(A) Cut, Copy, Paste (B) Find and Replace (C) Select All (D) All of these

(27) To view format of document, which menu is used ?

(A) Edit (B) Format (C) File (D) View

(28) Which options are available in view menu ?

(A) Page Break, Preview, Toolbars (B) Formula Bar, Status Bar (C) Full Screen, Zoom (D)  All of these

(29) Which menu have additional tools ?

(A) File (B) Insert (C) View (D) Tools

(30) Which options are available in Tools menu in Calc ?

(A) Spelling, Language (B) Goal seak, Solver, Macro

(C) Share Document, Merge Document, Protect Document (D) All of these

(31) Which type of work is done by the Data menu of Calc ?

(A) Data processing (B) Data sorting (C) Filter (D) All of these

(32) To filter data with condition, this process is called

(A) sorting (B) filter (C) inserting (D) deleting

(33) What is called to arrange data in ascending and descending order ?

(A) Sorting (B) Filter (C) Inserting (D) Deleting

(34) Which options are available in Data menu of Calc ?

(A) Define Range, Select Range (B) Sort, Filter (C) DataForm, Subtotals, Validity (D)  All of these

(35) From the following, what will be done by window menu in Calc ?

(A) Open New Window (B) Freezing Cells (C) List of open documents (D)  All of these

(36) Which options are available in Window menu ?

(A) New Window, Close Window (B) Split (C) Freeze (D) All of these

(37) Which menu is used about functions, Information about applications and versions of software ?

(A) File (B) Tools (C)  Help (D) View

(38) Which options are available in Help menu of Calc ?

(A) Help (B) Get Help Online (C) About (D)  All of these

(39) Which dialog box is open when we click Save As option in file menu ?

(A) Save As (B) Save (C) Save File (D) Save As File

(40) When we select Save As options in Calc which information will ask in dialog box ?

(A) File name (B) Location where the file is to be saved (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

(41) Which options are available in Save dialog box ?

(A) Name, Save in folder (B) Browse for other folders (C) File type, Save with password (D) All of these

(42) In Calc, most common commands present in which type ?

(A) Menu bar (B) Toolbar (C) Scroll bar (D) All of these

(43) Which menu is used to toolbar can be turn off and on ?

(A) File (B) Edit (C)  View (D) Insert

(44) From the following, which is the default toolbar ?

(A) Standard Toolbar (B) Formatting Toolba (C) Formula Toolbar (D) All of these

(45) Which Toolbar is located at the top in Calc?

(A)  Standard Toolbar (B) Formatting Toolbar (C) Formula Toolbar (D) Drawing Toolbar

(46) In Standard toolbar, which menu contains most frequently used commands ?

(A) File, View (B)  File, Edit (C) Edit, Format (D) Edit, Tools

(47) Which tools are available on the Standard toolbar from the following ?

(A) New, Open, Save (B) Print, Page Preview, Printer Settings (C) Cut, Copy, Paste (D) All of these

(48) Which toolbar is located as a second position in Calc screen ?

(A) Standard Toolbar (B) Formatting Toolbar (C) Formula Toolbar (D) Drawing Toolbar

(49) On formatting toolbar, which type of commands are available ?

(A) For formatting content of a cell (B) For Add information in a cell

(C) Editing information in cell (D) Arrange information in cell

(50) To do work with the use of tools buttons of the formatting toolbar,

(A) to change font, change font size (B) to change text in bold, italic and underline

(C) to arrange text in right, left and justify (D)  all of these

(51) Which tools are available on Standard toolbar ?

(A) Bold, Italics, Underline (B) Left, Center, Right, Justify

(C) Font Name, Font Size, Font Color (D)  All of these

(52) Which toolbar is used for entering and editing formula within a cell ?

(A) Drawing toolbar (B)  Formula toolbar (C) Formatting toolbar (D) Standard toolbar

(53) Which sign is used for entering function ?

(A) f(x)(B) f(y) (C) f(z) (D) All of these

(54) "Buttons in toolbars can be modified". Choose the correct option.

(A)  True (B) False (C) Can't say (D) None of these

(55) What is made by dividing column and row ?

(A) Source (B)  Cell (C) Worksheet (D) Workbook

(56) Column is identified by what ?

A) Alphabet (B) Number (C) Symbol (D) Any of these

(57) Row is identified by what ?

(A) Alphabet (B) Number (C) Symbol (D) Any of these

(58) A cell is an intersection of what ?

(A) Alphabet (B) Number (C)  Both (A) and (B) (D) Symbol

(59) A column as a whole can be selected by what ?

(A) Corresponding letter on spreadsheet  (B) Corresponding number on spreadsheet

(C) Corresponding cell on spreadsheet (D) Corresponding heading on spreadsheet

(60) A row as a whole can be selected by what ?

(A) Corresponding letter on spreadsheet (B) Corresponding number on spreadsheet

(C) Corresponding cell on spreadsheet (D) Corresponding heading on spreadsheet

(61) How is Cell made ?

(A) Column alphabet (B) Row number (C)  Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

(62) The cell which is currently selected is known as ...........

(A) master cell (B) source cell (C) active cell (D) base cell

(63) What is active cell ?

(A) Main cell (B)  Working cell (C) Formatting cell (D) Base cell

(64) What is called highlighted rectangle in corner of active cell ?

(A) Autofit handle (B) Automated handle (C) Automatic handle (D) Autofill handle

(65) How many Horizontal rows in Calc ?

(A) 1 to 256 (B) 1 to 1024 (C) 1 to 65536 (D)  1 to 1048576

(66) How many rows in Calc ?

(A) 256 (B) 1024 (C) 65536 (D) 1048576

(67) How many columns name in Calc ?

(A) A to IV (B) A to AJ (C)  A to AMJ (D) A to ZZZ

(68) How many columns are in Calc ?

(A) 256 (B)  1024 (C) 65536 (D) 1048576

(69) Which is the basic element of a spreadsheet ?

(A)  Cell (B) Worksheet (C) Workbook (D) Row and column

(70) What are entered in a cell ?

(A) Data (B) Formulas (C)  Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

(71) What are cell hold ?

(A) Text (B) Numbers (C) Formulas (D) All of these

(72) Which type of facility is given by the empty line of formula and data Input bar ?

(A) Data (B) Formula (C)  Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

(73) What is seen on the left side of formula an Data Input bar ?

(A) Selected cell address (B) fix) (C) empty Box (D) S

(74) What is display in workspace in Calc ?

(A) User's data (B) User's file (C) User's information (D) Calc information

(75) What is the use of Zoom tool ?

(A) Zoom In (B) Zoom Out (C) Both (A) and (B)  (D) None of these

(76) By clicking on Zoom tool, which dialog box will open ?

(A) Zoom Layout (B) View Layout

(C) Zoom & View Layout (D) Zoom with View Layout

(77) What will be insert when worksheet size is more than the computer screen size in Calc ?

(A) Scrollbar (B) Rular bar (C) Status bar (D) Task bar

(78) In which form scroll bar is seen in Calc ?

(A) Horizontal (B) Vertical (C)  Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

(79) Which bar shows present status of the document, sum of the selected cells, page style, selection mode and unsaved changes ?

(A) Scroll bar (B) Ruler bar (C) Status bar (D) Task bar

(80) By the help of which, we can move between two worksheet ?

(A) Sheet tab (B) Master tab (C) Base tab (D) Status tab

(81) To rename a worksheet, what will you do ?

(A) Click (B) Double click (C)  Right click (D) Drag

(82) Which option is select when we want to rename a worksheet and click on right click ?

 (A) Rename... (B) Rename sheet (C) Rename worksheet ... (D) Modify sheet ...

(83) Which menu option is used for rename a worksheet ?

(A) Format -> Sheet —> Rename (B) Format -> Sheet -> Modify

(C) Edit > Sheet —> Rename (D) Edit -> Sheet -> Modify

(84) How many sheet tabs are there in a worksheet by default ?

(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

(85) In which of the following form, the name of sheet appears in Sheet tab ?

(A) SI, S2, S3 (B) File 1, File 2, File 3 (C) Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 (D) Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3

(86) Which type of package is Calc ?

(A) Word processor (B)  Spreadsheet (C) Database (D) Presentation

(87) Which menu option is used to save Worksheet in Calc ?

(A) File -» Store (B) File -» Save (C) File -> Add (D) File -» Set

(88) What is the extension of spreadsheet file in Calc ?

(A) .odb (B) .odt (C) .odg (D) .ods

(89) Which symbol is used for multiplication in Calc ?

(A) * (B) @ (C) / (D) &

(90) Which symbol is necessary to write at the starting of formula ?

(A) = (B) % (C) # (D) @

(91) If formula does not start with = symbol, than which type of data is it considered ?

(A) Numeric data (B) Equatial data (C)  Textual data (D) Any one of these

(92) Which of the following is used beneficially to enter direct value in Calc ?

(A)  Cell reference (B) Cell type (C) Cell value (D) Cell symbol

(93) Which key is pressed to see the result after entering formula in Calc ?

(A) Enter key (B) Shift key (C) Insert key (D) Control key

(94) By dragging the cell contains formula, what will be copied automatically ?

(A) Data (B) Formula (C) Word (D) Symbol

(95) What will be used to drag the cell contains formula in Calc ?

(A) Right side corner of the cell (B) Left side corner of the cell

(C) Top corner of the cell (D) Bottom corner of the cell



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