CBSE Class 10 Computer Science head and body sections MCQs

CBSE Class 10 Computer Science head and body sections MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 10 Computers with answers have been prepared as per the latest 2021 syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 10 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions for important part of exams for Grade 10 Computers and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter wise MCQs for NCERT Class 10 Computers and also download more latest study material for all subjects

(1)  In how many segments HTML document divided?

(A)  2 (B) 3 (C) 4  (D) 5

(2) In which of the following segments is HTML document divided?

(A)  Head, Title  (B)  Head, Html  (C) Head, Body (D) Head, Meta

(3)  Which writing of head segment it written within which tags?

(A) <head>...</head> (B) <head>...<!head> (C) <head>...<\head>  (D) <head>...<%head>

(4)  Which is the first matter that can be included in head segment?

(A)  Color (B) Title (C) Background (D) Font

(5)  Which of the following tag's result is shown as title of window browser?

(A)  <title> (B)  <head> (C) <hl> (D)  <heading>

(6) If head segment has no title, what is shown as majority of browser title?

(A) URL Path (B) File Name  (C) Name of computer(D)  (A) or (B)

(7) What is full form of URL?

(A)  Unified Resource Locator (B) Uniform Resource Locator

(C) Unzip Resource Locator  (D) Unformed Resource Locator

(8)  What type of information comes in Head segment?

(A) Heading (B) HTML document

(C) Some additional Information about writing (D) All of these

(9)  How is the tag giving additional information in HTML known?

(A) Meta-tag (B)  Mega-tag (C) Master tag  (D) Main tag

(10)  What makes the job of searching webpage easier by search engine?

(A)  Heading tag  (B)  Title tag (C) Link tag  (D) Meta tag

(11)  In what segment of HTML is meta-tag written?

(A)  Head  (B)  Body  (C) Title (D) Any of the given

(12)  When meta tag is used in HTML, then what matter does it describe?

(A)  Description  (B)  Key words

(C) Information of writer of creator  (D) Any one of these

(13) Which of the following can be presented as key words?

(A)  Names of important attributes  (B) Objective of Web page

(C) Important points (D) All of these

(14) Which of the following attribute gives information about its creator or writer?

(A)  Writer  (B) Author  (C) Creator  (D)  Person

(15) What provides the chance of giving additional information?

(A)  Meta-tag (B)  Heading (C) Base (D)  Comments

(16) Where are comments seen in HTML?

(A)  In Web Browser  (B) In Source Code

(C) In result of HTML  (D) All of these

(17) Which tags are used to put comments in HTML?

(A)  </-- ... --> (B)  </-- ... --/> (C) <-- ... --!> (D)  <!-- ... -->

(18) Which of the following show the beginning of comment in HTML?

(A)  <!-- (B)  <--! (C) </--  (D)  <\~

(19)  Which of following tags show the end of comment in HTML?

(A)  --!>  (B)  !-->  (C) -->  (D) --/>

(20) Which of the jobs can be done with meta-tag?

(A)  Webpage can be told to bring a specific URL after certain seconds

(B)  Webpage can be told not to appears

(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) This type of job is not possible with meta tag

(21) Which of the following tag determines base URL or target?

(A)  <meta>  (B)  <url>  (C) <base>  (D)  <target>

(22) Which tag is used to define a common address or target for all the links of a webpage ?

(A)  <link> (B)  <script>  (C) <base>  (D) <style>

(23) Which tag is used to define documents and external source ?

(A)  <style> (B) <link>  (C) <script>  (D) <meta>

(24) Which tag is employed to define scripts towards client ?

(A) <scr>  (B) <src>  (C) <script> (D)  <jscript>

(25) Which tag is employed to define document related style ?

(A)  <style>  (B)  <script> (C) <meta>  (D) <link>

(26) Between which tag is Body section of HTMl document ?

(A) <body> ... <\body>  (B) <body> ... </body>

(C) <body>...<#body>  (D) <body> ... <%body>

(27)  Which element of HTML stores matter lying within browser ?

(A)  <html> (B)  <head> (C)  <title>  (D) <body>

(28) What is given to each attribute of HTML ?

(A)  Effect  (B) Value (C) Description (D) Key word

(29) What is form of recognized HTML image ?

(A)  JPG  (B)  BMP (C) PNG, TIFF  (D) All of these

(30) What is full form of JPG ?

(A)  Joint Photographic Expert Group  (B) Joint Photographic Export Group

(C) Joint Photographic Extra Group  (D) Joint Photographic Exchange Group

(31) What is the full form of BMP ?

(A)  Bitmapping  (B)  Bitmanaging (C) Bitmap  (D)  Bitmanage

(32) What is the full form of PNG ?

(A)  Pagewise Network Graphics (B)  Portable Network Graphics

(C) Portrait Network Graphics  (D) Permanent Network Graphics

(33) What is the full form of TIFF ?

(A)  Tagged Image Format Folder (B) Tagged Image File Folder

(C) Tagged Image Format File (D) Tagged Image File Format

(34) What should be ensured while using file within HTML code ?

(A)  File Name  (B)  Extension of File (C) File Path (D) All of these

(35) How can a web page be made attractive by using what in the background image ?

(A)  Background writing  (B) Background colors (C) Background sound (D) Background file

(36) Which attribute determines color in HTML?

(A)  Background (B)  Bground (C) Bgcolor (D) Backcolor

(37) Which code will you use to show yellow color in background of HTML ?

(A)  <body bgcolor="yellow">  (B) <bodybackcolor= "yellow" > (C) <body bgproperties="yellow"> (D) <body background="yellow" >

(38)  What code will you use arrange background image and color at the same time ?

(A)  <body background="computer.jpg" backcolor ="Yellow">

(B)  <body backcolor=" computer.jpg" bgcolor ="Yellow">

(C) <body bgcolor="computer.jpg" backcolor ="Yellow">

(D) <body background="computer.jpg" bgcolor ="Yellow" >

(39)  What is the full form of VDU ?

(A)  Voice Display Unit (B) Visual Display Unit

(C) Vocal Display Unit (D) Visualization Display Unit

(40)  How is the color combination for basic electronic medium known ?

(A)  Red, Green, Blue (B)  Red, Green, Yellow (C) Red, Green, Orange  (D) Red, Yellow, Blue

(41)  Which  color mix is  needed for making computer colors ?

(A)  Binary  (B)  Eight digital (C) Decimal (D)  Sixteen digital

(42) How many figures go into the presentation of HTML code ?

(A)  2  (B) 4  (C) 6  (D) 8

(43) What is code for red ?

(A)  FF0000 (B)  00FF00 (C) 0000FF (D) FFFFFF

(44) In FF0000, which color is given FF value ?

(A)  Red (B) Green (C) Blue (D) Yellow

(45) In FF0000, which value is given to each color ?

(A)  Red = 00, Green = FF, Blue = 00 (B) Red = FF, Green = FF, Blue = FF

(C) Red = 00, Green = 00, Blue = FF (D) Red = FF, Green = 00, Blue = 00

(46) What is the range of value given to any color in HTML ?

(A)  0 to 64 (B) 0 to 255  (C) 0 to 256 (D)  0 to 264

(47) How many values are there to give to present any color ?

(A)  64  (B) 255  (C) 256 (D) 264

(48) What is the color code for red ?

(A)  FFFFFF (B)  FFFF00  (C) 000000 (D)  FF0000

(49) What is the color code for black ?

(A) FFFFFF  (B) FFFF00  (C) 000000  (D) FF0000

(50) What is the color code of blue ?

(A)  FF00FF (B)  00FF00 (C) 000000 (D) 0000FF

(51)  What is the color code of green ?

(A)  FFOOFF  (B) 00FF00  (C) 000000 (D)  0000FF

(52)  In HTML, by what attribute of body tag color can be defined ?

(A)  Text  (B)  Font (C) Textcolor  (D)  Fontcolor

(53) In general, which color does hyperlink shows ?

(A)  Red  (B) Green (C) Blue (D) Black

(54) What happened when one click on hyperlink ?

(A)  It takes to other page  (B)  If takes to other line

(C) It takes to picture file  (D) It takes to original file

(55) While visiting a webpage, by what name a hyperlink is known ?

(A)  Visited link (B)  Active link  (C) Dynamic link  (D) Master link

(56) While visiting webpage in what abbreviated hyper link is moved ?

(A)  alink  (B) blink (C) vlink (D) xlink

(57) White visiting a webpage, by what name hyperlink is known ?

(A)  Visited link (B) Active link (C) Dynamic link  (D)  Master link

(58) While visiting a web page in what abbreviated form an active lint is known ?

(A)  alink (B) blink (C) vlink  (D) xlink

(59) What is difference between visited link and active link ?

(A)  Different size  (B)  Different shape  (C) Different background  (D) Different color

(60) Which code is used for setting red color foi visiting a active link ?

(A)  <body vlink ="#FF0000"> (B) <body alink ="#00FF00"> (C) <body vlink ="#00FF00">  (D) <body alink ="#00FF00">

(61) Which attribute is used for setting the length of line?

(A) Width  (B)  Size (C) Align  (D)  Noshade

(62) Generally, what is the width of the line in <hr> tag ?

(A)  25% (B) 50%  (C) 75%  (D) 100%

(63) In <hr> tag, to arrange the line, which attribute is used ?

(A)  Width (B)  Size  (C) Align  (D) Noshade

(64) To which side a line can be arrange in <hr > tag?

(A)  Right  (B)  Center  (C) Left (D)  None of these

(65)  Which type of style tag are there ?

(A)  Physical style tag (B)  logical style tag (C) Both (A) and(B)  (D)  None of these

(66) According to browser instruction, which HTML tag can be used ?

(A)  Physical style tag (B)  Logical style tag (C) Master style tag  (D)  Base style tag

(67)  Which of the following indicate the text in bold ?

(A)  <i> ... </i> (B) <b> ... </b> (C) <u> ... </u>  (D)  <tt> ... </tt>

(68)  Which of the following indicate the text in slanting form ?

(A)  <i> ... </i> (B)  <b> ... </b> (C) <u> ... </u>  (D)  <tt> ... </tt>

(69)  Which of the following indicate the text with underlined ?

(A)  <i> ... </i> (B)  <b> ... </b> (C) <u> ... </u>  (D)  <tt> ... </tt>

(70)  Which tag is used when a text is cut off ?

(A)  <tt> ... </tt> (B) <strike> ... </strike>  (C) <sub> ... </sub>  (D) <sup> ... </sup>

(71)  Which of the tag is used, when a text is smaller than its previous letter and is in the lower line ?

(A) <tt> ... </tt>  (B) <strike> ... </strike>  (C) <sub> ... </sub> (D) <sup> ... </sup>

(72)  Which of the tag is used when a text is smaller than its previous letter and is in the same line ?

(A)  <tt> ... </tt> (B)  <strike> ... </strike>  (C) <sub> ... </sub>  (D) <sup> ... </sup>

(73)  To display the tag in typewriter form, which tag is used ?

(A)  <tt> ... </tt>  (B)  <strike> ... </strike>  (C) <sut» ... </sub>  (D) <sup> ... </sup>

(74)  To obtain a customized text, which style tag is used ?

(A)  Logical style  (B)  Physical style (C) Master style (D) Text style

(75)  Which of the following tag emphasis the text ?

(A)  <em>, <strong> (B)  <cite>, <code>  (C) <dfn>  (D) None of these

(76)  To display the title of the book, movie, etc, which tag is used ?

(A)  <code> (B)  <strong>  (C) <cite> (D)  <dfn>

(77)  To demonstrate computer programming code as well as the text in fixed font, which tag is used?

(A)  <cite>  (B) <em> (C) <code> (D) <dfn>

(78)  Out of the following, which one is used as a code for color ?

(A)  Binary system  (B)  Octal system (C) Decimal system (D)  Hexa system

(79)  Which attribute is used with font tag ?

(A)  Size  (B)  Color  (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) Type

(80)  Which attribute decide the color of the text ?

(A)  fcolor  (B)  bgcolor  (C) fontcolor  (D)  color

(81)  Which of the following code is used for entire HTML web page having font type Arial and Font size-16?

(A)  <fontbase face="Arial" size="16"> (B) <basetext face="Arial" size="16">

(C) <basefont face="Arial" size="16">  (D) <textbase face="Arial" size="16">

(82)  Generally Linux does not used file extension. Choose the correct statement.

(A)  This statement is true. (B) This statement is false.

(C) Nothing can be said about this statement. (D) None of these

(83)  Out of following, which indicate HTML extension ?

(A)  .h (B) .hmt (C) .html (D) .hmlt

(84)  In HTML, what is used as a prefix for spel symbol ?

(A)  & (B) %  (C) #  (D) @

(85)  In HTML, instead of special symbols, which a can be used ?


(86)  Full form of ASCII is .........

(A)  American Standard Code for Interchange Information

(B)  American Standard Code for International Information

(C) American Standard Code for Increment Interchange

(D) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

(87) Which code is used for less than and greater than ?

(A)  1, g  (B)  lg, gt  (C) lt, tg (D) lt, gt

(88) Which code is used for & ?

(A)  am (B) amp (C) ap (D) apm

(89) In HTML, to add a comment, which code is used ?

(A)  <--....... --> (B)  <// ... //>  (C) <!-- ....... -->  (D) <!-- ....... --!>

(90) To display the letter in bold, which tag is used ?

(A)  <b> ... <\b>  (B) <b> ... </b>  (C) <bd> ... <\bd>  (D)  <b> ... </bd>

(91) In web page display URL, which tag is used ?

(A)  <base>  (B)  <basefont>  (C) <baseurl> (D) <baseu>

(92) To set a default font for a entire web page, which tag is used ?

(A)  <font>  (B)  <bfont>  (C) <basefont>  (D)  <bodyfont>

(93)  In HTML to display the body section, which tag is used ?

(A)  <html> ... </html>  (B) <body> ... </body>

(C) <base> ... </base> (D) <main> ... </main>

(94)  In HTML along with body tag, which attribute can be used ?

(A)  background color (B)  text color  (C) link color (D) All of these

(95)  Which tag is used to view book title, movie name etc ?

(A)  <cite>  (B)  <code>  (C) <script> (D)  <style>

(96)  Using <cite> tag the text appear in which format ?

(A)  bold  (B)  Underline  (C) Italic (D) All of these

(97)  Which tag is used to display the text in computer programming code having require size ?

(A)  <cite>  (B) <code> (C) <script>  (D)  <style>

(98)  Which tag is used to display the text in require style and an Italic ?

(A)  <font>  (B)  <script> (C) <style> (D)  <dfn> (99)  To emphasis a text, which tag is used ?

(A)  <em>  (B)  <tt>  (C) <style> (D)  <font>

(99)  Which tag is used for to display the tag in require type and size ?

(A)  <cite>  (B) <code> (C) <font> (D) <style>

(100)  Which tag is used to display the header part in HTML document ?

(A)  <html> (B) <head> (C) <body> (D) <title>

(101)  In HTML, which tag is used to display the horizontal line ?

(A)  <hr>  (B)  <ruler> (C) <hruler> (D)  <mruler>

(102)  Which attribute is used with <hr> tag ?

(A)  size, color  (B)  width, alignment (C) noshade (D) All of these

(103)  To display text in Italic style, which tag is used ?

(A)  <i> ... <\i> (B) <i> ... </i> (C) <it> ... <\it>  (D)  <it> ... </it>

(104)  To give link between document and other page, which tag is used ?

(A)  <link>  (B)  <style> (C) <dfh>  (D) <meta>

(105)  To give author, keywords, description, purpose, to search engine and Utility program, which tag is used?

(A)  <script>  (B)  <sub>  (C) <meta> (D)  <em>

(106)  Using meta tag what information can be cited for search engine and other Utility program ?

(A)  Author (B)  Keywords (C) Description, Purpose (D) All of these

(107)  Which tag is used to define client script ?

(A)  <sc>  (B)  <st>  (C) <script> (D)  <mscript>

(108)  Which tag is used to strike off the text ?

(A)  <strike> (B)  <strong> (C) <tt> (D) <hr>

(109)  To display the text bold, which tag is used ?

(A)  <tt>  (B)  <b> (C) <style> (D)  <strong>

(110)  Which tag is used to define the document with different style ?

(A)  <meta> (B)  <script>  (C) <style>  (D)  <tt>

(111)  Out of following, which tag displays the text smaller than its previous letter and in lower line ?

(A)  <sub> (B)  <sup> (C) <lower>  (D)  <down>

(112)  Out of following, which tag displays the text smaller than its previous letters and in bigger line ?

(A)  <sub> (B) <sup> (C) <upper> (D)  <top>

(113)  Which of the following tag displays the text in typewriter format ?

(A)  <t>  (B)  <tw> (C) <tt> (D) <twt>

(114)  Which of the following tag draws a line at the bottom of the text ?

(A)  <t> (B) <u>  (C) <style> (D)  <dfn>



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