NCERT Class 8 EVS Noise pollution

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NCERT Book for Class 8 Environmental Studies Noise Pollution

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Noise Pollution NCERT Book Class 8


2. Noise pollution


There are some natural and some manmade sources of sound. Some sounds may be pleasant while some others may be unpleasant. Chirping of birds, blowing of breeze, rustling of leaves, music are some examples of pleasant sounds. Sounds near place of stone cutting, quarrying, in a factory or workshop, crowded places, of fire crackers, loud music are some examples of unpleasant sounds or noise. Unpleasant sound causes discomfort and irritation. Prolonged exposure to high intensity sound causes various ailments, including loss of hearing.


1. Go for a morning walk each day for a week. Concentrate on the various sounds. Listen carefully.

2. Try to identify the sources of those sounds.

3. After coming back, write down your observations in the given table.

4. Visit a nearby crowded market, construction site, factory or a workshop where stone cutting is done or a busy road crossing. Note your observations in the table.

5. Interview people working in such noise polluted areas and find out whether continuous exposure to noise creates discomfort to them, whether there are any symptoms of irritation in their behaviour or do they suffer from loss of hearing.


Prepare a report on your study with the help of information collected by you.


1. Suggest at least five ways of minimising unpleasant sounds in your surroundings.

2. Tape the sounds at different localities/places and play them in the class. Ask each individual which of these sounds are unpleasant to them.

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