NCERT Class 8 EVS Global warming

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NCERT Book for Class 8 Environmental Studies Global Warming

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Global Warming NCERT Book Class 8


3. Global warming


Greenhouse gases trap radiation and prevent heat from leaving the earth’s surface. In the process they help to maintain the temperature of the earth. Excess presence of these gases in the atmosphere causes global warming.


1. Take two identical glasses of the same material. Put equal quantity of water in them (half filled).

2. Note the temperature of water of both the glasses using a thermometer.

3. Place both the glasses out in open space so that sunlight directly falls on them.

4. Invert a glass bowl or a jar over one glass such that it is covered completely.

5. Atleast after two hours, note the temperature of water in both the glasses.

6. Note the difference in temperature of the two samples. Note which one  is hotter.

7. Repeat the experiment with equal amount of ice in the two glasses instead of water. Note the time taken by ice to melt completely.

8. Try to find out the reasons for difference in the temperature of water and the time taken for melting of ice.


Relate your observations on global warming.


1. Observe the temperature of the interior of two similar cars parked in the sun, one with its window glasses completely rolled up and the other with window glasses rolled down. Take the temperatures again after two hours.

2. Collect news items relating to global warming and its impact appearing in newspapers and magazines.

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