NCERT Class 8 EVS Dangers of deforestation

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NCERT Book for Class 8 Environmental Studies Dangers Of Deforestation

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Dangers Of Deforestation NCERT Book Class 8


12. Dangers of deforestation


Deforestation has been practised by humans since the beginning of civilisation.Fire was the first tool that allowed humans to modify the landscape. The first evidence of deforestation shows up in the Mesolithic period, when it was probably used to drive games (prey animals) into more accessible areas. With the advent of agriculture, fire became the prime tool to clear land for crops. Agricultural expansion continued to be one of the major causes of depletion of forest resources. Substantial parts of tribal belts, especially in the northeastern and central India have been deforested due to shifting cultivation. Ever since, forests are being cut, for one reason or the other. With the growth of population and ever growing demand for forest products, especially timber and firewood, the forests are fast disappearing. This has led to many environmental problems like floods,soil erosion, climatic changes and destruction of wild life.Project Book in Environmental Education The destruction of forests is not just an environmental issue. It is strongly correlated with the loss of cultural diversity. Such losses have increasingly marginalised and impoverished many indigenous and other forest dependent communities.


This can be a group project. Each group can be assigned one of the following tasks.

1. Find out how nearby forests have changed during the last 15–20 years. The change may be in the form of area, plantation, land use and loss of wild life.

2. Find out the causes of deforestation.

3. Find out the environmental effects of deforestation, such as increase in atmospheric pollution, soil erosion, drought, flood, etc.

To collect this information the groups may seek help from elders, Panchayat/Municipal records, forest offices, newspaper reports, articles and other records. 


Prepare a report of your findings suggesting measures to control deforestation.


1. Have discussions in the class about the dangers of deforestation.

2. Prepare charts on deforestation and display them on your school bulletin board.

3. Collect information about the green canopy of your region from different sources, including the internet.

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